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304 electric stainless steel gate valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-11
Mainly produce gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, high temperature valves, high pressure valves, power station valves, industrial valves and other high-quality valves. If you need to inquire more about electric stainless steel gate valve related product information, please call: 021-64162222. The most widely used valve. It controls the opening and closing of the valve through the lifting of the gate. The gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The size of the passage can be changed by changing the relative position between the gate and the valve seat. Rich experience, strong technical force, advanced product technology, etc. Products are widely used in power stations, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, coal mines, ships, oxygen production, water conservancy, fire protection, papermaking, medicine, urban construction, aviation, scientific research and many other fields. The products are in accordance with the national JB and GB national standards, and the working pressure is 1.0Mpa-50.0Mpa. Working temperature: -196℃-650℃. Connection method: internal thread, external thread, flange, welding, butt welding, socket welding, ferrule, clamp. Drive mode: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric. 304 electric stainless steel gate valve has the following advantages: 1. The fluid resistance is small, and the sealing surface is less brushed and corroded by the medium. 2. It saves effort to open and close. 3. The flow direction of the medium is not restricted, does not disturb the flow, and does not reduce the pressure. 4. Simple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing technology and wide application range. 304 electric stainless steel gate valve is suitable for pipelines in various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical, thermal power plants, etc., to cut off or connect pipeline media. By selecting different materials, the applicable medium is: water, oil, steam, weak acid and alkali solution. Operation methods are: manual, gear drive, electric, pneumatic, etc. The gate valve has simple structure, convenient operation, good performance and long service life. 1. Design and manufacture according to GB12234-892, structural length according to GB12221-893, flange size according to JB/T79-944, valve inspection and test according to GB13927, we can provide you with professional solutions, including design, customization, complete set, operation ,service. Provide you with the latest valve knowledge, the best service, and the best technical consultants. If you have any questions, you can call us and we will do our best to provide you with quality service. If the design unit has selected our company's electric stainless steel gate valve products, please directly order with our sales center according to the parameters of the electric stainless steel gate valve. When the occasion you use is very important or the environment is more complicated, please provide design drawings and detailed parameters, and our engineers and experts will concentrate on reviewing and analyzing for you. Domestic well-known brand 304 electric stainless steel gate valve According to national testing standards and pressure test, you can watch the pressure test process and video on site. It has a professional team and equipment to produce various models of 304 electric stainless steel gate valves. Welcome new and old customers to buy, stainless steel electric gate valve weight Light, the weight is about 20%~30% less than the traditional stainless electric steel gate valve, and the installation and maintenance are convenient. Traditional stainless steel electric gate valves are often caused by foreign objects such as stones, wood blocks and cement after the pipes are washed with water. It is suitable for cutting off or connecting the pipeline medium in various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical, thermal power plants.
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