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5 factors facing the development of Wenzhou valve industry

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-11
In the first half of this year, Wenzhou Valve's exports maintained a good growth. The number of export inspection enterprises reached 426, an increase of 5.19% year-on-year. Among them, the export volume of Kefulong and Chaoda Valve has exceeded the tens of millions of dollars. In terms of the distribution of trading countries and regions, the top countries in terms of shipment volume in the first half of this year remained basically unchanged compared to the same period last year, but the trade volume of North America, the European Union and the Middle East increased significantly. This year, excluding factors such as the Spring Festival holiday and the difficulty of recruiting workers after the holiday, the overall situation has been increasing month by month. The main factors facing the valve industry in Wenzhou are as follows: 1. Overcapacity and elimination of backward problems are prominent, and industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading must be accelerated. At present, not only traditional industries with overcapacity such as iron and steel, cement, and shipbuilding are still expanding blindly, but also emerging industries such as wind power equipment and polysilicon have also shown a tendency to blindly invest in repeated construction. The structural adjustment task of Futai Valve Industry is very heavy. 2. The shrinking period of external demand is difficult to change. While stabilizing external demand, more attention must be paid to expanding domestic demand. The full recovery of the world economy still needs a slow and tortuous process. In this process, investment and trade protectionism may further rise, and it will be very difficult for exports to recover this year. We must focus on opening up the domestic market and speeding up the transition to a domestic demand-led economy. 3. Investment-driven growth is difficult to sustain, and policy effects tend to weaken. We must focus on increasing the endogenous driving force of economic development. Urban fixed asset investment grew by 30.5% in 2009. It is very difficult to continue to grow substantially this year. To maintain steady economic growth, the guiding role of government investment must be brought into play to stimulate the vitality of private investment. 4. Consumption is not enough to drive economic growth. We must focus on leading and promoting consumption upgrades with product quality. Since 2009, under the guidance of the state's policy of encouraging consumption, the total retail sales of consumer goods has maintained a relatively rapid growth of 15.5%, but consumption is still not enough to drive economic growth. It is necessary to innovate varieties, improve quality, create brands, and improve services to lead consumption and cultivate the market, so as to enhance the driving effect of consumption on the economy. 5. The international competition landscape has undergone profound changes, and we must focus on fostering and developing strategic emerging industries. China is faced with rising comprehensive costs of production factors and increased resource and environmental constraints. This requires us to not only speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries based on the current development, but also focus on the long-term. Forte Valves pay more attention to the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries. Facing the still severe export situation, we should fully implement the “19 Measures in Five Aspects of Service Foreign Trade Development”. While strictly implementing the export valve type test and sampling inspection, we should optimize the export inspection process, accelerate the clearance and customs clearance, and actively serve the export valve enterprises. Create a good foreign trade development environment, stabilize growth, adjust structure, promote balance, and fully support Wenzhou valve exports.
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