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A batch of high-end valves appeared in China Exhibition

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-17
October is golden autumn, autumn is high and fresh, the 7th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition and Valve Expo 2014 will be held in the Expo Exhibition Hall from October 15th to 17th. The author found that this fluid exhibition presents several major features. It is not only a centralized platform for famous companies in the fluid and valve industry, but also a large exhibition stand for various fine products of the industry and enterprises. This year's Fluid Expo exhibited more than 1,000 products and nearly 3,000 models, which are not only high in science and technology, but also highly professional, reflecting the theme of 'green energy saving, innovative developmentThe three characteristics focus on displaying the latest products and technologies of domestic and foreign fluid machinery and valve equipment, effectively promoting the development of domestic and foreign markets. The high-end valves exhibited at the exhibition mainly include: Wuzhou Valve's 56-inch fully welded ball valve gas-liquid linkage actuator, Wuzhou Valve's top-mounted ball valve, Shanghai Nantong Power Station ultra (super) critical thermal power valve and new thermal power valve products; Xuanda Industrial Nexen Valve's all-metal two-way pressure hard-sealed butterfly valves, titanium and titanium butterfly valves; all-welded ball valves exhibited by companies such as High and Medium Pressure Valve Co., Ltd., Keke Valve Group and Beijing Valve Factory; developed by Zengxin Electromechanical Company Intelligent hydraulic test bench; minimum flow regulating valve of Suzhou Dawson Valve; new product of high and medium pressure valve company's double shut-off and double shutoff valve; actuator for ultra (super) critical thermal power valve of Yangzhou Power Equipment Repair Factory; auxiliary of Changzhou Power Station Nuclear-grade multi-turn valve electric device of nuclear power plant of General Machinery Plant; metal hard seal ball valve, cryogenic valve, bellows valve and other high-end valves of Chaoda Valve Group. The gas-liquid linkage actuator of Chengdu Zhonghuan Fluid Control Equipment Company. The two new products of Saint Paul Valve's slide valve and top-mounted ultra-low temperature ball valve; Shenyang Shengshi High and Medium Pressure Valve Company's high discharge check valve, steam extraction check valve, main steam electric gate valve, etc.; these exhibited products are all corporate products Independently researched and developed products are also new domestic products, reflecting high efficiency and energy saving, technological innovation, and some have been used in end-user projects, and some have replaced imported products after use, saving foreign exchange for the country, and also improving economic efficiency and enhancing innovation and development. power. The picture shows Sui Yongbin and Song Yinli visiting the new valve products of China Nuclear Power Su Valve. The picture shows Huang Li and other leaders visiting the new electric actuator of Yangzhou Power Equipment Repair Factory
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