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Advantages of changing manual valves to electric valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-26
With the continuous development of society now, people’s requirements are getting higher and higher. The manual operation of the previous manual valves is troublesome. Electric valves: reduce manpower and improve efficiency... But considering the cost, the original manual valves are removed and thrown away. It is really easy to change the electric valve directly, but the cost is high. Now we can convert the manual valve into an electric valve, which can at least save the valve body money. The following valve manufacturers introduce the basic steps of modification. The bracket is related to the shape and size of the valve body, which depends on the situation. After the connection bracket is completed, connect the electric actuator by rotating the shaft, and the power can be operated! The explanation is a bit vague, if you have any questions, you can contact us, and we can help you fix it all by providing the size. Manual gate valve modification to electric gate valve manual gate valve + bracket + electric actuator u003d electric gate valve 1. Manual gate valve to electric gate valve program instructions for use of gate valve gate valve can be installed on a horizontal pipeline or a vertical pipeline, single and double gate valves should be installed on a horizontal pipeline , And the handwheel should be located above the valve, and it is not allowed to install downwards. The flow direction of the gate valve medium is not restricted. Gate valves are usually connected by flanges, and they are also welded for special occasions. For large-diameter and high-pressure gate valves, the opening and closing torque is relatively large. In order to reduce the opening and closing torque, a bypass valve can be installed. The bypass valve is installed outside the main gate valve, and its inlet and outlet are connected to both sides of the main gate valve and connected in parallel. The bypass valve should be opened before the main gate valve is opened. After entering the valve, the pressure difference before and after the gate of the main gate valve is reduced, thereby reducing the opening torque of the main gate valve. The size of the bypass valve should be selected according to the size of the main valve and the requirements for use. The gate valve is a cut-off valve, and its sealing performance is not as good as that of a stop valve. The main 'duty' of the gate valve is 'stop flowIt is not suitable for adjusting the flow and pressure of the medium. If used for long-term adjustment, the sealing surface is easily eroded and worn by the medium, which will affect the sealing performance. Attention should be paid to the reliability of use of the medium temperature and pressure of the gate valve. At high temperature and high pressure, the gate may die due to temperature changes, and at the same time, the uneven temperature of the medium everywhere makes it easy to produce leaks. Wedge type but gate valve is particularly obvious. Second, manual gate valve to electric gate valve program modification instructions manual valve to electric need to look at the structure of the manual valve first, provide pictures to our company customer service staff to give you suggestions, manual valve and electric head installation needs to install an electric bracket on the basis of manual Install the electric head to connect with it. The electric bracket needs to extend a flange and three claws to cooperate with the electric head. It seems simple but it is more complicated. Please ask the technicians to survey, map, modify, select, install and debug on site. Our company has a dedicated technical team about changing from manual valves to electric ones, which can give you better service and solve your worries. How to change the manual butterfly valve into the part that needs to be cooperated with the electric butterfly valve: Provide a complete picture of the manual butterfly valve that needs to be modified. This picture is used for preliminary determination of whether it can be modified. If it can be modified: According to the type of manual butterfly valve, it is divided into manual butterfly valve and manual worm gear butterfly valve. If it is a manual worm gear butterfly valve: our company can directly arrange technicians to the site to measure and confirm the size, and determine the type according to the control needs of the on-site control room for the electric butterfly valve and the size of the valve torque. Then it can be put into production and transformation. If it is a manual butterfly valve, this is a bit more complicated, and it is necessary to arrange a technician to confirm it on site. After confirmation, make plans based on actual conditions. If you have a project where you need to change a manual butterfly valve to an electric butterfly valve, we will make a detailed modification plan according to your needs. You are welcome. The difference between a manual valve and an electric valve. Many people think that electric valves are expensive and costly to use. In fact, it is not. If you calculate as a whole, traditional valves need to add many accessories and pipeline installation, and the price does not account for Advantages, but to bear more maintenance costs.  As far as the electric valve is concerned, it is a more cost-effective choice for the industry because of its easy assembly, low failure rate, and compliance with the industry's automation needs. Because the general traditional pneumatic valve is used, it is inevitable to have piping, solenoid valve and compressor to match, and the electric valve is driven by a motor, which is easy to install and hassle-free, and the electric valve can be installed with the original automatic control circuit of the factory, which can save other the costing payment. In addition, the opening and closing of the motor drive is smoother, without the shortcomings of excessive momentary impulse, and the failure rate can be greatly reduced.  Relevant persons in the industry said that valves are mostly used in industrial processes to control the travel and flow of various fluids, such as water, oil, and chemical liquids, based on parameters such as temperature, pressure and flow. The control valves commonly used in factories include pressure reducing valves, pneumatic constant temperature valves, solenoid valve constant temperature systems, proportional control valve constant temperature systems, and temperature control valves. When selecting various types of automatic valves, consideration should be given to factors such as the type of heat engine, the required accuracy, the quality of the control valve, the pressure drop, the flow rate and its structure, the failure rate, the credit of the manufacturer, and the after-sales service to achieve economical and practical purposes.
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