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Aerospace technology opens up technological shortcuts for chemical companies

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-07
Among our common industrial production activities, chemical industry may be a very special field.   All kinds of inflammable and explosive, high temperature and high pressure, corrosion and dissolution, and violent chemical reactions are accompanied by all aspects of chemical production. Correspondingly, various types of high-pressure vessels, corrosion-resistant pipelines, special valves, various catalytic devices, etc. have also become necessary prerequisites for chemical production. The chemical industry is the foundation of industrialization. The performance and quality of industrial products are also directly related to the strength of chemical capabilities.   The special working environment of chemical production also means that there are special requirements for various types of containers, valves and pipelines used in production. In view of this, how to improve the corrosion resistance and pressure resistance of production equipment in various extreme working environments, extend its service life to extend the equipment maintenance interval, and increase the continuous production time limit. It has always been energy-saving and efficiency-increasing for chemical companies. The key to improving product quality.   In Jiangsu, there is a chemical company whose large-scale reaction equipment imported from overseas is in a leading position in the domestic related industries. In recent years, the equipment has undergone technological transformation and upgrades, and has been further tapped and upgraded. Not only has the working temperature increased, the reaction pressure has also increased accordingly. Therefore, output and product quality have been effectively improved.   But everything has pros and cons. The result of the technological transformation is to increase the working pressure and temperature of the equipment within the safe allowable range, which is certainly within the safe tolerance range of the equipment. However, the accompanying result has directly led to the shortening of the working life of some supporting pressure valves and discharge pipelines, and directly led to the problem of shortening the equipment maintenance cycle. The end result is that due to the shortening of the replacement cycle of components and the increase in overhaul work, the benefits of increased production and efficiency are to a large extent, and these additional cost increases are also inefficient.  Due to the obvious increase in working temperature and pressure, the degree of valve corrosion has increased, and the service life has been significantly shortened.    Ideals are beautiful, but ideals cannot replace basic laws. Fortunately, technical problems can be solved by technical means after all. With the purpose of solving technical problems, the company issued a demand on the Feitian Zhongzhi China Manufacturing Technology Service Platform. And the subsequent harvest far exceeded its expectations.  Data link: The significance of key valve component performance for chemical plants  Special valves are an important role in large chemical equipment, and their status can directly affect the efficiency of the equipment and even the safety of production. Moreover, various large chemical plants often operate in three shifts 24 hours a day. Maintaining the state of reaction equipment and production lines for continuous production is the key to ensuring productivity and efficiency.  Therefore, there is a saying in the chemical industry: 'When the machine rang, the gold is ten thousand taels, and the machine stops, the benefit is zero.' Once the valve has a problem, the cost of shutting down and replacing the valve is quite high. For users, the more durable the better.   Relying on the familiarity of the industry and the sensitivity to related technologies, the Feitian Zhongzhi platform technology matching team quickly contacted a certain aerospace institute for the company. After the initial contact, the two sides immediately began the technical docking.   A certain academy of aerospace is one of several domestic agencies that mainly perform manned space missions. However, while the institute has gained fame in the field of manned spaceflight, it has actually mastered a large number of advanced pipeline and valve technologies. Its solution for enterprises is based on a certain type of special valve for aerospace, making special parts that can be adapted to enterprise equipment.   The special valve is entirely cast in titanium alloy, combined with a special ceramic valve core and high-performance electronic control system. It has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Not only can it be used normally under all kinds of extreme working conditions, its spool working life can still reach as many as 100,000 times. Obviously, this is fully adapted to the extreme environment of high temperatures of hundreds of degrees Celsius on the sun surface and low temperatures of more than 200 degrees below zero on the negative surface in space. It can be used as a rocket engine fuel control valve and throttle control during the full life cycle of the satellite platform design (10-15 years) How can aerospace-grade products such as hydrazine and other highly toxic and highly corrosive fuels fear the 'mild' working environment of chemical plant reactors?   Although the customized special valve provided by a hospital is expensive, its price has not increased significantly compared with the imported accessories that the company previously introduced with the reaction equipment. And its long life and extremely high reliability also enable the company to finally achieve all the technical indicators envisaged by the previous technological transformation.   With the recommendation of the military-to-civilian policy and the launch of the 'Made in China 2025' national strategic plan, resources from the aerospace system are gradually being released to the society. At present, under the promotion of Feitian Zhongzhi platform, this company has entered into the next negotiation with the institute-this time, they hope to introduce the institute's world-leading welding technology for ultra-large titanium alloy thin-walled pressure vessels, so as to Achieve further equipment upgrades.
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