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After the electric valve epidemic, the market was weak and there was no 'retaliatory' rebound

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-08
An epidemic at the beginning of 2020 caused factories to stop production, businesses, schools, shopping malls, cars, construction sites, etc. Depressed and quiet streets have become a unique 'scenery' in 2020. Although the current epidemic situation has been gradually controlled and improved in China, many companies have resumed work and production. The most difficult time of the epidemic has passed, but for companies it has just begun. Although the epidemic has passed the market, it has not fully recovered and is still in A relatively weak state. As a national brand based on Ru0026D and manufacturing of water treatment, electric valves have a history of many years. Although the epidemic has an impact on electric valves, it has little impact on the domestic market and belongs to the controllable range. On the contrary, it is the foreign market that has been more affected. He said that because foreign epidemics are still spreading, some countries have adopted national closure and isolation measures, which have affected foreign trade and exports. The foreign market of electric valves accounts for 30-40% of the company's total market, and the overall performance of the company has a greater impact. After the epidemic this year, companies have been more 'difficultActively 'go outIn the face of the damaged foreign market, we will make full use of telephone and network channels to strengthen communication with customers, increase the development of foreign markets, and develop new customers on the basis of consolidating old customers to ensure a stable increase in international market share. Of course, facing the national economic reshuffle brought about by the epidemic has brought challenges and opportunities for enterprises. Many domestic brands have increased their publicity during the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to immediately occupy the 'stagnation' and 'blank' market after the epidemic is over. With the collapse of some small companies, this reshuffle will be an opportunity for companies to increase market penetration and occupy the market. Independent research, development and innovation of national brands, differentiated demand and opening up diversified markets. Products are the foundation of an enterprise, and quality is the soul of enterprise development and the core of competition. Today, product quality is the life of an enterprise, and product quality has become the fundamental and development guarantee for an enterprise in the market. Therefore, the quality of the product determines the life of the product and even the destiny of the enterprise. Without quality, there is no market, without quality, there is no benefit, and without quality, there is no development. Therefore, quality is the last word for enterprise development. Of course, with quality assurance, innovation is also particularly important. Innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprise development, and it provides source power for the sustainable development of enterprises. The valve manufacturer is a national brand with independent intellectual property rights for electric valves. It adheres to the tenet of scientific and technological progress, lasting innovation, environmental protection and energy saving, adheres to the business policy of winning by quality, price, and trust, and constantly independent research and development to enhance technological innovation capabilities. Continuously optimize material performance and product structure to promote product upgrading. Technical experts of the valve factory said that electric valves have a complete Ru0026D, manufacturing, quality control system, professional after-sales support services, and have gone through the process of 'innovation, perfection, re-innovation, and re-improvementMarket share, insisting on diversified product production, products covering high-end series, which also include guaranteeing product quality, but also ensuring that the price is low and medium in the same industry, not seeking to win by price, but for products that win by quality. More valve knowledge:
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