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all about water pressure booster pumps -

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-21
The hydraulic booster pump increases the pressure of the liquid.
There are two main reasons for the need for a water pressure booster pump: provide enough water pressure at high pressure
Building to prevent pollution from entering the water supply system.
Therefore, the pressure booster pump is necessary for major residential and commercial complexes that meet a large number of people, such as apartments, shopping malls, commercial towers, skyscrapers, etc.
As these projects require industrial-level mechanical and pump systems, understanding the features of good pressure booster pumps and the types of available water booster pumps contributes to water management in complex projects.
These pumps move the hydraulic fluid from the whole machine to various parts such as cylinders, motors, etc.
Become pressurized
The flow of the fluid is controlled by the valve.
Timer, multi-function valve, flow display, automatic stop function, etc.
These pumps are characterized by some of the features provided by the hydraulic booster as follows, used to compensate for the friction loss of the building management system. Remote trouble shooting error indicator different items require different types of water pressure booster pumps.
Here are the different systems that help manage the complex needs of large buildings.
Pumps with VFD: These types of pumps contain variable frequency drives (VFDs)
This has played a huge role in reducing costs by reducing electricity consumption.
They increase the life cycle of the water management system and are also easy to integrate with the building management system, so remote monitoring and trouble shooting can be performed.
This equipment is suitable for large buildings and complexes such as shopping malls, residential apartments, etc.
Control system: for construction and construction conditions where different load modes exist, the booster system controlled by the microprocessor helps to accurately meet and manage this change.
This type of system has the control to provide different flow modes as required.
The system is also suitable for places with large numbers of residents and water users, such as apartments, large offices, etc.
Pump with LFDs: Another hydraulic lift pump that can manage harsh conditions and different load modes is a low load pump
Frequency drive to save energy.
One of the main benefits of this type of pump is the low cost of maintenance and total cost of ownership.
High pressure pumps: these supercharged systems are very useful for residential, industrial and commercial applications.
This type of system is useful for filling a lot of water at the same time.
It reduces the time it takes to fill different containers or water sources and creates enough pressure.
These are various systems available and they offer different benefits according to their unique specifications.
Those who wish to save costs or reduce wear while ensuring water pressure is maintained can choose the right product according to their needs. A. T. E.
Have decades of experience, focus and research on pressure booster pumps. A. T. E.
Successfully designed and tested these products and helped many enterprises to improve their efficiency, successfully managing complex water management requirements.
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