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At present, my country's nuclear power valves still rely on imports

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-17
The reutilization of nuclear power stimulates the domestic market, and many companies have seen the value of nuclear power. Pump valve hardware accessories have a greater impact on nuclear power, and they also have their own place in the nuclear power industry circle. Domestic companies need to see this market trend.   my country’s nuclear power industry is in a period of rapid development. The China Nuclear Power City in Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, where the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant is located, has formally laid the foundation a few days ago, which was jointly built by the Zhejiang Provincial Government and China National Nuclear Corporation. In 2013, the Zhejiang Provincial Government formally issued the 'China Nuclear Power City Plan'. The plan proposed that by 2015, China Nuclear Power City should realize the output value of nuclear power service industry of 10 billion yuan and the output value of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry of 5 billion yuan, and strive to achieve the output value of nuclear power related industries in 2015 Reach the goal of 50 billion yuan. my country has formed the second-generation improved pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology with its own brand. Currently, it is carrying out AP1000 and EPR third-generation technology absorption and re-innovation work, and organizes the development of the third-generation ACP1000, ACPR1000 and CAP1400 with completely independent intellectual property rights. Nuclear power technology. my country currently has 14 nuclear power plants in operation and 27 nuclear power plants are under construction. As the third-generation AP1000 nuclear power plant nuclear-grade pump, the 4 AP1000 nuclear power plant unit pumps currently under construction in China are all imported from abroad.  In the field of nuclear power equipment and related industries, China has occupied a certain proportion of the market with independent intellectual property rights, substitution of imported, and localized nuclear power pump valves. Nuclear power technology, nuclear power equipment, and nuclear power pump valve products are gradually in line with international standards. my country has the world’s largest nuclear power installed capacity under construction. According to relevant analysis, my country’s nuclear power installed capacity will exceed 70 million kilowatts by 2020, accounting for 6% of my country’s power generation share. This means that at least 60 1 million kilowatts will be built. The level of nuclear power plants will require direct investment of more than 500 billion yuan, which provides opportunities and broader market space for my country's nuclear power pump valves and related supporting product companies. Due to the particularity of nuclear power plants, the requirements of nuclear power valves are different from ordinary valves. They must not only have good performance, but also have very high reliability. At the same time, strict quality assurance is required in the design and manufacturing process. They belong to the valve category. High-end products. At present, among the nuclear power plants in operation in my country, the localization rate of nuclear-grade valves is only 4%, and a large number of nuclear power valves still rely on imports.
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