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Believe in the power of the brand, valve companies are in action

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-07
'Believe in the power of the brand' is the trump card theme of the advertising department of China Central Television (CCTV-1). A short 7 words, but it can be said to be the best advertisement in China's advertising industry. 'Believe in the power of the brand' is not an empty phrase, the power of the brand is very important. The position of the brand in the hearts of consumers determines the strength of the brand. As everyone knows, if you don’t understand, go to 'Baidu' first, and send valuables to SF Express. Strengthening the brand and allowing consumers to list your brand as the first principle is the power of the brand. With the rise of my country’s manufacturing industry, the market competition in the valve industry has become more and more serious. How to do a good job in the valve industry, how to be one step faster, and become the first in this industry’s market scale. Psychologically recognize your number one position in the industry. For a joint venture company that specializes in Ru0026D, processing and sales of various valves, electric actuators and complete sets of automation equipment-Valves has achieved brand awareness in terms of its brand awareness, and must also understand its competitors. . And can locate according to competitors, identify the weakness of the opponent's brand, and make differentiation. In today's increasingly competitive valve market and the overall environment is getting colder, continuously improving the company's own resilience, building distinctive brands, and tempering system capabilities have become the foundation for the overall upward trend of the valve industry. As a rising star among the famous domestic smart valve enterprises, with the spirit of craftsmanship and young creativity in line with the characteristics of the times, we are committed to providing customers with 'high-quality exquisite craftsmanship' and 'design full of science and technology' unique electric valve product value and the best The outstanding customer experience and the outstanding corporate mission point out the direction for the brand valve to build its core competitiveness. From the perspective of the person in charge, natural selection is competing for the survival of the fittest. The market is full of waves, and everything is possible. For valves that are about to go through 11 years of brand history, in the tide of competition in the valve market, having strong technical force, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, high-quality team and complete qualifications are the guarantee of quality and service system, and it is unique for valve enterprises. 'You have a brand, you have service characteristics, and you have a reason why customers must choose you. This is the only magic weapon for the valve industry brand to survive under the great changes.' For the current stage of the valve, Sticking to its own characteristics and the unique value of the brand is more important than anything. Under the guidance of the corporate development strategy, Valve insists on creating brand characteristics with value marketing. General Manager Dang Changyin pointed out: 'The most important point of value marketing is to make customers feel the true existence of value, not just empty words. To customers It is said that the value that an enterprise can provide is the product first, and the brand value behind the product. At present, the brand of the valve product has started to spread globally. In order to expand overseas business and meet the needs of foreign markets, the company is also in foreign trade business In this way, the core technical advantages of the brand can be fully continued, and the appearance of the product and the intelligent design of the valve electric device can also win the favor of customers. The company said: 'The valve also has the best valve production The factory and the only Ru0026D center of Sino-British cooperation, relying on two major advantages, can gradually realize self-reliance and autonomy. 'And emphasized that the valve has always placed 'large manufacturing' at an important position in the development of the company, and empowered 'large manufacturing' with the spirit of craftsmanship to ensure that its products have reliable quality assurance with electric valves in the field of intelligent valves. The person in charge of the company For example, in order to improve production efficiency, ensure constant process quality and reliable product quality, the manufacturing department of the valve Yangzhou factory has set up unique 'safety training' and 'quality training, And more importantly, we must continue to accept the repeated baptism of the spirit of craftsmanship. Relying on a strong Ru0026D and manufacturing system, facing the blue ocean of the domestic new smart valve market, Valve is stepping up the planning and layout of the smart valve field.   Xiongguan Mandao is like iron , And now stepping forward from the beginning. 2019 has come to an end, but for people represented by Valve, any moment is the starting point. The company further stated that in the future, Valve will continue to deepen the emotional bond between the brand and the user and create a customer ecosystem We will manage well customers, maintain good customers, serve customers well, and create a functional guarantee system with the best efficiency.   In this regard, we have reason to believe that with unique characteristic value and growth resilience, valves will become China’s first-class characteristic boutique valve company .
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