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Butterfly valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-20
Butterfly valve-China's well-known butterfly valve manufacturer, is a national emerging technology enterprise, its production base is located at No.178 Changxiang Road, Nanxiang Industrial Zone, Jiading District, City, with favorable price and quality three guarantees.. One-to-one technical engineer service,, free selection and quotation ,Provide various characteristics, technical parameters and dimensions of electric butterfly valve products, welcome to consult and purchase. As a professional electric butterfly valve manufacturer, the company has long been engaged in the supply of electric butterfly valve products, and has been unanimously recognized by users with high-quality products and fair prices., Brand supply, specifications and structure standards, complete models, well-known domestic valve manufacturers, focus on valve production For decades, well-known valve manufacturer. The butterfly valve series products supplied are of reliable quality, reasonable price and high-quality after-sales service. Guarantee the product's applicability to working conditions and long service life. Main performance range, manufacturing standard, model specification, pressure range, applicable medium, butterfly valve price and related technical support. Production of various electric butterfly valves, including regulating electric butterfly valves, switch electric butterfly valves, intelligent electric butterfly valves, explosion-proof electric butterfly valves, with reasonable structure, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, small flow resistance, fast opening and closing, long service life, and maintenance Convenient and easy to realize self-control and other advantages. The electric butterfly valve produced by our company is not only simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, low in material consumption, small in installation size, small in driving torque, convenient and quick to operate, but also has a good flow adjustment function, complete models, reliable quality, perfect after-sales, and universal Valve manufacturer.. Butterfly valve manufacturers adhere to the business philosophy of honesty and quality first. Infused with new vitality, with a new look, brand-new concept, continuous innovation, design and manufacture more new and better valves, sophisticated technology and strict and complete quality management system, using new technology, new technology, and new materials to ensure Product stability and reliability. The working principle of the butterfly valve: It receives 4-20mA signal to accurately control the valve opening, and uses electric energy as the driving force to drive the butterfly valve plate to make a 0-90° partial rotation. So as to achieve the adjustment and control of different process parameters such as flow, temperature and pressure. The working power supply usually includes: AC220V, AC380V, etc. Input signal: 4~20mA 0~10v and other weak current signals.
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