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Can the electric gate valve be installed horizontally?

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-28
Can the electric gate valve be installed horizontally? Generally, it is not recommended to install it horizontally. It is generally installed on a horizontal pipeline, which will affect the service time of the valve. 1. The electric valve on the water pipeline can be installed vertically. 2. Any type of electric valve and supporting actuator, and the internal structure design can be installed in all positions. However, in actual on-site installation, considering the convenience of operation management and maintenance, there are more horizontal and vertical installations, and fewer installations on inclined pipes. The following problems should be paid attention to when installing electric valves on vertical pipelines: ①The vertical pipeline must be equipped with standard pipeline supports and hangers, and the valve body is not allowed to bear the gravity of the pipeline; ②The electric head and actuator of large-diameter valves should be equipped with special supports; ③The installation height of the valve should be suitable for operation and management, convenient for operation, maintenance and overhaul, and convenient for disassembly, replacement and adjustment of valve limits; ④Pay attention to the direction of the valve when installing; electric gate valves are usually installed on horizontal pipelines (unless there are special circumstances), the valve stem Vertically upwards. It can also be installed on a vertical pipeline or a horizontal pipeline with a valve stem that is not upright. However, a special structure may be required according to the diameter of the electric gate valve, the application environment and the specific conditions of the material. If the purchased valve is to be installed in a special way, the orientation of the valve should be stated when ordering. 3. For the application environment where the medium temperature exceeds 260℃, it is recommended to use flexible or split wedge gates to avoid the wedge gates from getting stuck due to thermal expansion. This situation may occur when the electric valve is cold closed and then hot opened. 4. When the electric gate valve is used in high-speed fluid or thermal cycle applications, in order to avoid loosening, the threaded seat ring should be locked and welded to the valve body. Please specify when ordering. The valve stem of a valve on a horizontal pipeline should preferably be vertically upward. It is not advisable to install the stem downward. The valve stem is installed downwards, which is inconvenient to operate and repair, and it is easy to corrode the valve and cause accidents. Do not install the floor valve at an angle to avoid inconvenient operation. The electric gate valve is easy to install. Compared with the traditional installation, this device uses the sliding block to slide in the sliding groove, and the bolt connection method. When installing, align the sliding block on the installation pipe and insert it into the slot of the external pipe, and Rotate clockwise to make the fixing lug overlap the notch and fix it with the locking bolt, which greatly accelerates the installation speed. If you need to replace the locking bolt, you can easily replace it, thus facilitating the installation of the entire device. , And by inserting and splicing the installation pipe and the external pipe inside each other, and the cooperation of the sealing groove and the sealing cover, the locking bolt and the connection between the installation pipe and the external pipe are always in a sealed state, which effectively reduces the long time and The external contact with corrosion enhances the reliability and sealing of the connecting structure of the installation pipe and the external pipe. The overall structure design is beautiful, the structure design is simple and reasonable, the practicability is high, and the production cost is low, which is suitable for large-scale production. use. 1) The installation position, height, and direction of inlet and outlet must meet the internal design requirements, and the connection should be firm and tight. 2) The handles of all kinds of manual valves installed on the thermal insulation pipeline must not be downward. 3) Visual inspection must be carried out before the valve is installed. The nameplate of the valve should comply with the current national standard 'General Valve Marking' GB 12220. For valves with a working pressure greater than 1.0 MPa and a cut-off function on the main pipe, the strength and tightness performance test shall be carried out before installation, and the valve shall be used only after being qualified. During the strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times the nominal pressure, and the duration is not less than 5 minutes. The valve housing and packing should be qualified without leakage. During the tightness test, the test pressure is 1.1 times the nominal pressure; the test pressure should meet the requirements of the GB 50243 standard during the test duration, and no leakage on the valve flap sealing surface is qualified. Concealed wedge cast iron gate valve 4) Handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is strictly prohibited. 5) The gate valve with a transmission mechanism should be installed in accordance with the product manual. Avoid installing the valve downwards, and avoid operating personnel from upside down, especially acid and alkali, toxic media, etc. Otherwise it is very unsafe. Do not install the gate valve upside down, otherwise the medium will remain in the bonnet space for a long time, which will easily corrode the valve stem, and is contraindicated by certain processes, and it is convenient to replace the packing trace.
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