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China's valve industry chain is numerous, but not a valve powerhouse

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-20
China's valve industry chain is numerous, but it is not a valve powerhouse. Generally speaking, my country has entered the ranks of the world's valve powers, but in terms of product quality, there is still a long gap between my country and the valve powers. The industry’s low concentration of production, low Ru0026D capabilities for high-end products, and low manufacturing technology in the valve industry still exist, and the import and export trade deficit continues to expand. The next few years will be a period of high-speed shock in the valve industry. The direct consequence of this high-speed shock is the expansion of the polarization trend in the valve brand camp. There are definitely not so many valve companies that can really survive in the market. However, such high-speed shocks in the valve industry will bring huge opportunities, and the results of the shocks will make market operations more rational. As a very important part of environmental protection equipment, self-control valves have been affected by environmental protection policies and the market in recent years, and have achieved rapid development. Through the analysis of the automatic control valve market, it is not difficult to find that my country's automatic control valve product market has a wide range of development prospects, but how to better seize the opportunity and face the upcoming challenges, break through the bottleneck of the industry and enterprise development, is related to the survival of the enterprise The big problem. The valve market price in my country is relatively stable. Although there is a slight fluctuation every year, the range is very small. At present, there are many problems in the automatic control valve market. First of all, some operators are cheap, buying unnamed valves with nameplates and certificates of famous manufacturers, which has caused great damage to the reputation of regular valve companies. Secondly, there is a lack of innovative valves. Some operators simply derust the used valves and then sell the paint for a second time, which brings great safety hazards to the project quality. In addition, there is still a big gap in high-end technology compared with famous foreign manufacturers such as Fisher and Rotork. The lack of professional talents has become a bottleneck restricting the further development of my country's automatic control valve industry, which is bound to affect my country's automatic control valve industry. The world competitiveness of the industry. For a long period of time in the future, product technology will become another bottleneck restricting the development of my country's automatic control valve products.
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