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Classification and model of vacuum valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-16
a{color:#0066cc;} In the vacuum system, the vacuum system components used to cut off and reconnect the pipeline airflow, change the airflow direction and adjust the air flow rate are called vacuum valves. The main performance of the vacuum valve is its conductance, air leakage rate, the accuracy and reliability of the opening and closing action, and the opening and closing time of the valve. Refer to relevant professional standards for the test methods of valve conductance and air leakage. The accuracy and reliability of the valve and its opening and closing time should be based on specific requirements. There are many types of vacuum closed doors. When designing the vacuum system, choose according to the purpose, size, performance, structure, etc. The models of domestic vacuum valves are classified according to their performance, structural form, drive mode, channel mode, channel diameter, material and use, etc., see Table 1. Table 1 Classification and classification methods of vacuum valves Valve classification Working pressure Low vacuum valve, high vacuum valve, ultra-high vacuum valve Use cut-off valve, block valve, air release valve, throttle valve, reversing valve structure form baffle valve, flap Valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, flapper valve, gate valve, needle valve drive mode manual valve, electric valve, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, hydraulic drive method, flashlight dual purpose valve channel mode angle valve, straight valve, two-way valve, The three-way valve and four-way valve vacuum valve models are the basic models and auxiliary models determined in the following order and content. ①②③ ④⑤⑥ The meanings of the symbols used and representative levels are shown in Table 2. Table 2 Letters used in the symbols of the vacuum valve and their representative meanings Position number identification content letters and representative meanings Basic model ①Usage range D-low vacuum; G-high vacuum; C-ultra-high vacuum ②Structural form or functional category C-plug Plate; D—baffle; F—replica; M—diaphragm, I—butterfly valve, W—fine adjustment; Q—inflation; Z—cone ③Driving mode D—electric type; Q—pneumatic type; C—magnetic type; Manually omit the auxiliary model ④Valve channel form S—three-way; J—right angle ⑤Nominal diameter of valve specification (mm), the letter Q is enlarged after the valve with inflation ⑥Characteristic code and design symbol are represented by Roman numerals Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and Ⅲ, generally The valve is omitted, for example, the model is DDC-J50Q. Shown is a low vacuum baffle solenoid valve, right angle type, nominal diameter 50mm, valve with vitality function. This kind of valve is mostly used on the air inlet of a mechanical pump. The valve is closed when the pump is stopped, cutting off the channel of the system to maintain the vacuum in the system. At the same time, put the atmosphere in the pump cavity of the mechanical pump. To prevent the mechanical pump from returning oil.
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