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Classification of hydraulic control valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-10
Overview In the hydraulic system. The components used to control and adjust the pressure level, flow rate, and flow direction of the working fluid are collectively called hydraulic control valves. The hydraulic control valve can control the opening, stopping and reversing of hydraulic actuators by controlling and adjusting the pressure, flow and direction of the working fluid, and adjust the speed and output torque (or force) of the hydraulic system. Or hydraulic components for safety protection, etc. therefore. It can meet the requirements of various hydraulic systems by adopting various valves and combining in different forms. There are many commonly used hydraulic control valves, which are usually summarized and classified from the following aspects. According to the valve control method, the hydraulic control valve can be divided into: (1) On-off (or fixed value) control valve: With the help of on-off solenoid and manual, motorized, hydraulic and other methods, the valve core position or The spring on the valve core is set in a certain working state to keep the pressure, flow or flow direction of the liquid flow unchanged. This type of valve is a common ordinary hydraulic valve. (2) Proportional control valve: A proportional electromagnet (or torque motor) is used to convert the input electrical signal into force or mechanical displacement of the valve. A valve that controls the output (pressure, flow) of the valve continuously and proportionally according to its input. Proportional control valves generally use open-loop hydraulic control systems. (3) Servo control valve: its input signal (electricity, mechanical quantity) is mostly deviation signal (the difference between input signal and feedback signal), and the valve output (pressure, flow) can also be continuous and proportional to its input To control the valve. The performance of this type of valve is similar to that of a proportional control valve, but it has high dynamic transient and static performance. It is mostly used in closed-loop hydraulic control systems that require high precision and fast response. (4) Digital control valve: Valves directly controlled by digital information. Classification according to structural form Hydraulic control valves are classified according to structural form: slide valve (or rotary valve), silver valve, ball valve, etc. According to the connection mode, the hydraulic control valve is divided into: (1) Threaded connection valve: the valve is directly connected to the pipe joint and pipeline through the threaded hole on the valve body. This kind of valve does not require a transitional connection mounting plate, so the structure is simple, but it is only suitable for valves with smaller flow rates. The disadvantage is that the component layout is scattered and the system is not compact enough. (2) Flange connection valve: a valve connected with pipes and pipelines through a flange. Flange connection is suitable for large flow valves, and its structure size and quality are large. (3) Plate connection valve: a valve that uses a special transition connection plate to connect the valve and the pipeline. The plate-type connecting valve only needs to be screwed on the connecting plate, and then the pipeline is connected to the connecting plate: this connection method does not affect the pipeline during loading and unloading, and it is possible to centrally arrange the valves and have a compact structure. (4) Integrated connection valve: The integrated connection is an internal standard component or a component manufactured with standard parameters to form a basic circuit according to typical action requirements. Then integrate the basic circuits to form the connection form of the hydraulic system. It includes a superimposed valve in which a number of valves with different functions and a bottom plate are stacked together; with the help of a hexahedral manifold. Connect difficult-to-standard flip-type valves through its internal channels to form integrated valves of various basic circuits; combine the valve cores of several valves into an embedded valve in the valve body; and insert the plug-in component into the plug-in block Cartridge valve composed of body:
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