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Common faults and solutions of electric valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-21
Common faults and solutions for electric valves, the electric valve factory will briefly describe the following three aspects: fault phenomena, inspection items, and solutions.    1. Failure phenomenon: The electric valve can't move. Check items: (1) Whether the solenoid valve is normal, whether the coil is burned out, and whether the solenoid valve core is stuck by stolen goods.     (2). Separately supply air to the actuator to check whether it is working properly. If the cylinder does not work properly, disassemble the actuator to check whether the seal is damaged and the surface of the cylinder bore is damaged.     (3). There is impurities in the valve that jam the ball core.     (4), the handle of the manual operating mechanism is in the manual position.     Solution: (1) Replace the solenoid valve, replace the coil, and remove the stolen goods.     (2). Replace the damaged seal ring and replace the cylinder.     (3), remove impurities and replace damaged valve parts.     (4), move the handle to the electric automatic position.    2, failure phenomenon: slow action of the electric valve, crawling      Check items: (1), the air pressure is not enough.     (2) The torque of the electric actuator is too small.     (3), the valve core or other valve parts are assembled too tightly and unreasonably.     (4), the air supply pipeline is blocked and the flow is too small.     Solution: (1) Increase the air source pressure (general test u003c04MPa, 0.4-0.7MPa when in use)     (2), increase the actuator model specification.     (3), repair the assembly again, and adjust the valve torque.     (4), remove the blockage.     3. Failure phenomenon: No signal from the reply device. Check items: (1) Signal power line, short circuit, open circuit.     (2), the cam position is not accurate.     (3), the micro switch is damaged.     Solution: (1), repair the power line.     (2), readjust the cam to the correct position.     (3), replace the micro switch.
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