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Control valves play a decisive role in the upgrading and transformation of enterprise automation

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-17

On April 27, 2019, Jiangsu Province formally issued the 'Jiangsu Province Chemical Industry Safety and Environmental Protection Improvement PlanEliminate outdated chemical enterprises or production devices in the catalogue, and significantly reduce the production capacity of outdated chemical industries.

The country has always encouraged chemical companies to carry out automated production transformations and transform from the previous backward production methods, mainly because automated production can bring the following benefits to companies:

1. Improve production Efficiency: Except for a small number of professional operation and maintenance personnel, all production processes are carried out automatically, which greatly improves production efficiency while freeing people from heavy manual labor and monotonous work.

2. Ensure production safety: Working in some dangerous environments with high temperature or radioactive and toxic environments, it is still difficult for workers to ensure 100% safety. When automation is put into it, those arduous tasks become easy and feasible.

3. Reduce production costs: The speed of automated production is usually much faster than manual production, and the production cost is lower than the same manual operation.

4. Improve product quality: automated production is easy to combine quality inspection and verification, reducing the number of unqualified products. At the same time, it allows control in the statistical process, so as to process and produce more consistent and even completely consistent products.

The transformation and upgrading of production automation by enterprises is mainly to purchase automation systems and transform the original manual operation devices on site to make the production line run automatically. As an important executive part of the control loop, the control valve's product performance determines the stable and accurate operation of the control loop, and plays a decisive role in the automation upgrade of the enterprise. The accurate selection of the control valve manufacturer and the quality of the control valve have a great influence on the success of the enterprise's automation transformation.

The national patented sliding control valve produced by Shanghai Yuanguan can be widely used in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In the reactor, sterilization, drying, fermentation, extraction and concentration, steam and water treatment equipment, it can accurately adjust various gas, liquid and steam media.

Slide control valve has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy installation (minimizing labor costs), precise control, sensitive response, long-term stable operation, and maintenance-free. The labor and material costs of traditional control valves that need to be inspected and repaired every year are reduced. The nominal diameter of our slide-type control valve is DN15~DN600, the standard of the valve body is stainless steel, and special alloy materials are also available. The maximum nominal pressure can reach PN400, and the applicable medium temperature range is -253℃~+816℃.

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