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cross-channel p&o ferry fire blamed on worn pressure valve ...

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-21
A fire in the cabin at the intersection
A report found that the Strait ferry from Dover to France was caused by a worn-out pressure valve.
On September 29, 2014, when ship P & O Canterbury docked, the fire broke out on board.
None of the 337 passengers and crew members were injured and all were removed from the ship normally.
P & O Ferries says a modification plan has been made since the fire started.
A report from the Marine Accident Investigation Department said that the pipe joint was broken, and the fuel injection was injected and caused a fire.
The report concluded that \"back pressure valve wear was found during 23 years of use and no functional testing was performed \".
It added that the storage of combustible materials near the two hosts allowed the fire to spread and there was no high-pressure alarm.
Helen Dible, chief executive of P & O Ferries, said the changes were made on the Pride of Canterbury and its three sister ships to ensure enhanced security arrangements.
Return valve will be replaced in 15 years.
She added that P & O also complied with all the technical guidelines developed at that time.
\"The incident occurred when the passengers disembarked and the response from our crew was an immediate success in putting out the fire and no one was injured,\" she said . \".
\"The safety of our customers is our absolute priority and we keep reviewing our procedures to ensure they are second to none.
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