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Current status and development trend of valve technology in my country

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-25
In order to improve the competitiveness of my country's valve enterprises, the current status and development trend of my country's valve industry have been analyzed and studied. The results show that my country's valve industry must insist on developing products with independent intellectual property rights, improve the level of manufacturing, and adhere to the principle of strengthening quality control and supervision, in order to gradually improve the competitiveness of the valve industry. 1 Introduction Valves are one of the indispensable flow control equipment in various sectors of the national economy. They are used in large quantities, involve a wide range, and are complex in variety. The quality of their quality and the level of technical level are directly related to the safe production and Economic benefits and long-term development. With the development of the national economy, higher requirements have been put forward on the structural design, material selection and production and processing technology of the valve. How to improve product performance and reduce production and use costs has also attracted more and more attention in the industry. This research mainly introduces the current status and development trend of valve technology. 2 The status quo of the valve industry in my country Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of various industries, the valve industry has also developed rapidly. The number of manufacturers has increased rapidly, the production level has been greatly improved, the output of valves has increased significantly, and the rate of complete sets of the valve market , The complete set level and complete set capability have been greatly improved. Zhejiang Province alone has grown from Shierjia in the early stage of reform and opening up to more than 2,000 valve companies, with sales revenue of more than 30 billion yuan. Especially in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou, Wenzhou in Zhejiang, Changzhou, Suzhou, Yancheng in Jiangsu, Chengdu in the southwest, Lanzhou and Anhui in the northwest, taking advantage of regional advantages and investment from large domestic and foreign enterprises, they have gradually formed a complete The valve manufacturing production industry chain. The formation of the production industry chain is conducive to the control of production, quality, and cost in the valve industry, and enables my country's valve industry to develop in a healthy direction of specialization, scale and quality. 3 Current status of valve technology in my country From an overall point of view, valve technology in my country has made great progress. At present, it has been able to design, produce, and test valve products in more than a dozen categories, more than 3000 models, and more than 40,000 specifications. During the 'Tenth Five-Year Plan' period, my country's valve industry developed 24-port rotary valves, valves for pneumatic conveying of solid materials (rotary feeders, conveying reversing valves, slide valves), and a new generation of high-performance single- and two-way sealed triple-eccentric composite rings Metal sealing butterfly valve, high temperature butterfly valve, soft and hard sealing high vacuum solenoid valve and manual pressure valve, GK type pipeline ball valve, gate valve with wear-resistant ceramic sealing ring, ball valve, regulating valve. In addition, it has also developed and produced high temperature and high pressure Y-shaped bellows globe valves, low temperature bellows chlorine valves, subcritical and supercritical high temperature and high pressure globe valves, and biological antibacterial diaphragm valves. The products produced by some enterprises have filled the domestic gap and obtained national patents. The research and development of these products indicates that the overall level of valve technology in my country has been greatly improved. However, the overall level of domestic valve technology still has a certain gap compared with developed countries in the world. Most domestic enterprises can only produce low-end products with low technology content and low added value. New product development is only to make some improvements on the original products or directly copy foreign similar products. Enterprises lack core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Lack of high-end products with international competitiveness. Products such as high-temperature and high-pressure valves for thermal power units above 600,000 kilowatts, nuclear power valves, special valves for the petrochemical industry, and high-parameter and high-performance safety valves are mainly imported. The research and development power of valve companies is not strong, and they don't pay enough attention to the research and development of new products. Valve research and development mainly rely on various research institutions. 4 Development trend of my country's valve technology The rapid development of my country's energy projects and urbanization process has brought a golden opportunity to the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the valve industry. The future market of valves will be mainly concentrated in the power industry, petrochemical, urban construction and other industries. (L) Large-scale construction of power stations. The power station has developed from units below 300,000 kilowatts to units above 600,000 kilowatts or even 1.3 million kilowatts, requiring a large number of large-diameter forged-welded high-temperature and high-pressure relief valves, safety valves and other power station valves for subcritical, critical and supercritical units , The large-scale equipment puts forward more stringent requirements on the material, structure, and reliability of the valve. (2) The nuclear power industry is gradually increasing. Nuclear power valve is a large-scale and wide-ranging hydraulic equipment in nuclear power plants. It connects more than 300 systems of the entire nuclear power plant and is a key accessory for the safe operation of nuclear power plants. According to the “Nuclear Power 2005-2020 Mid- and Long-term Development Plan” formulated by the state, my country’s installed capacity will reach 59.46 million kilowatts by 2020, and the total investment in new construction will be 450 billion yuan. A large number of gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves, Safety valve, main steam isolation valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, pressure reducing valve and control valve, etc. (3) Petroleum development has shifted to the inland and offshore, the West-East Gas Pipeline has started, the oil refining industry has developed, and oil pipelines have also developed rapidly. These pipelines have strict requirements on valves and require a large number of forged steel flat gate valves and double flap butterfly valves. Type check valve, angle type throttle valve and ball valve; offshore oil production platform oil production, blowout prevention, water injection, gas injection, underwater equipment and other systems need to develop some special valves that are resistant to seawater and salt spray. These valves require strong corrosion resistance, resistance to storms and other abnormal external forces, and require reliable sealing, flexible operation and convenient maintenance.
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