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Dam valve was flushed without water in the canal

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-06
Recently, Mr. Chen, a villager in Litian Community, Jingang Town, called the 12345 Citizen Service Hotline, saying that the valve of the village dam was washed away by flood water some time ago, but it has not been repaired. Now it is about to enter the farming season, they worry that if the valve is not repaired as soon as possible, it will lead to no water irrigation of the farmland. 'It is about to be planted, but there is no water in the canal.' Mr. Chen said that the upstream river has a lot of water, but the downstream canal has no water at all. 'The reason is that the dam valve was washed away by water and has not been repaired. After receiving the feedback from the villagers, the Jingang Township government immediately arranged personnel to check. It was found that the situation was indeed consistent with what Mr. Chen reflected. The valve of the Pingqiao dam in the Litian community was washed away by heavy water some time ago. According to the staff, when the weather improves, they will organize personnel to repair the damaged valve to ensure water and irrigation of the surrounding farmland. This information is compiled by the valve manufacturer.
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