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Domestic hardware valve accessories still face many challenges

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-04
There is still a gap between domestic hardware valve fittings and international product standards, and it is necessary to improve the technical content and design of the products to change. At present, domestic high-end hardware valve products still need import subsidies. In the future valve market development plan, the import quota will be gradually reduced and exports will be increased. The domestic key enterprises in the production of hardware fittings and valves have been able to design and manufacture various valves according to international standards such as ISO international standards, DIN German standards, AWWA American standards, and some manufacturers' products have reached the international advanced level. Valves are products with low profit margins, and market competition is very fierce. The distribution of the valve market is mainly based on the construction of engineering projects. The largest users of valves are the petrochemical industry, electric power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction sector. The petrochemical industry mainly uses API standard gate valves, globe valves and check valves; the power sector mainly uses high-temperature pressure gate valves, globe valves, check valves and safety valves for power stations and some low-pressure butterfly valves and gate valves for water supply and drainage valves; the chemical industry mainly uses Stainless steel gate valves, globe valves, and check valves; the metallurgical industry mainly adopts low-pressure large-diameter butterfly valves, oxygen shut-off valves and oxygen ball valves; urban construction departments mainly adopt low-pressure valves, such as urban water pipelines mainly adopt large-diameter gate valves, and building construction mainly adopts mid-line For butterfly valves, metal-sealed butterfly valves are mainly used for urban heating; flat gate valves and ball valves are mainly used for oil pipelines; stainless steel ball valves are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry; stainless steel ball valves are mainly used in the food industry. Although the overall level of the valve industry has been greatly improved during the New Year, the quality is not stable enough, such as running, leaking, dripping, and leakage often appear in domestic valves. In addition, there is still a certain gap between my country's valve supporting capabilities and developed countries. On the one hand, my country's valve products are facing good development opportunities. With the transfer of oil development to inland oil fields and offshore oil fields, and the development of the power industry from thermal power below 300,000 kilowatts to thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power above 300,000 kilowatts, valve products should also change their performance and corresponding changes in the field of equipment application. parameter. Urban construction systems generally use a large number of low-pressure valves, and are developing towards environmental protection and energy-saving, that is, the transition from low-pressure iron gate valves used in the past to environmentally-friendly rubber plate valves, balance valves, metal-sealed butterfly valves, and centerline-sealed butterfly valves. The development of oil and gas transmission projects towards pipelines requires a large number of flat gate valves and ball valves. The other side of energy development is energy saving. Therefore, from the perspective of energy saving, steam traps should be developed and developed towards subcritical and supercritical high parameters. At present, there are many problems in the valve market. First of all, some operators are looking for cheap, buying unnamed valves and branding the nameplates and certificates of famous manufacturers, which has caused great damage to the reputation of regular valve companies. Secondly, there is a lack of innovative valves. Some operators simply derust the used valves and then sell the paint for a second time, which brings great safety hazards to the project quality. Through the analysis of the valve market, it is not difficult to find that my country's valve product market has a wide range of development prospects, but it must go through standard market order and severe penalties to eliminate vicious competition. Here we call on the majority of colleagues to improve their conscience and expect the government to increase quality Supervision intensity.
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