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by:Sino Valves     2021-03-10
On the morning of October 26, 2020, the office held a dzw electric actuator technology sharing exchange. Employees of the company participated in the exchange activities. The activity was hosted by the manager, Dang Xu. In order to help companies improve their technical knowledge of electric actuator selection, the general manager Dang Xu is honored to give us the selection and technology sharing. The selection of electric actuators in the enterprise is still relatively important. I hope that this exchange will be possible. Further deepen the understanding and understanding of electric actuators, do a good job of supporting supply, and improve the overall parameters of the valve. Dang Xu gave a detailed introduction to the selection, classification, and transmission principle of dzw electric actuators, and explained in-depth and simple explanations from the functions, parameters, use environment, occasion modeling, protection levels, control forms, etc. of the electric actuators, and proposed to the participants The specific problems encountered in the assembly of the company have been answered one by one. Hope to strengthen communication with employees on valve electric actuators and strengthen cooperation and interaction with customers. Introduction, was founded in 2008, began to develop and produce electric valves and valve electric devices, half a century of valve drive device design, manufacturing, testing and research process, the company has created brilliant achievements, in the domestic industry, enjoy Very high visibility. The introduction of foreign valve drive technology has also improved the selection theory of electric device products. Types of electric actuators: There are currently two standards for the connection size of valves and electric actuators: one is ISO5210 (multi-turn valve drive device connection) international standard; the other is JB2920-81 (valve electric device type, basic Parameters and connection dimensions) are issued by the Ministry of Standards. At present, most valve manufacturers and electric actuators produce according to this standard. According to the current situation in my country, the connection type and size of international standards should be adopted when conditions permit. The connection type and size of the dzw valve electric actuator: The user can choose the connection type and size of the electric actuator according to actual needs. The selection of the electric actuator is based on the product sample manual. For special (non-standard) users, they can apply to the factory Designed and manufactured separately. Selection of electric actuator specifications: After the type and connection size of the electric actuator are selected, the specifications and models of the electric actuator must be further selected. The selection content should consider the maximum output torque, operating torque, valve stem rotation, Output speed, stem diameter and other aspects. Valve electric actuator and valve are matched to form an electric valve, which can be used for remote automatic control occasions. Due to the different types of valves, diameters, stem diameters and working conditions, various situations should be fully considered when selecting electric actuators. Choose the electric actuator that suits the valve work requirements. Selection of the number of rotations of the output shaft: When the valve is working, the number of rotations of the output shaft of the electric actuator is related to the diameter of the valve, the pitch of the stem, and the number of thread heads. Because the design of the opening indicating mechanism in the electric actuator is different, Moreover, the electric actuators of each frame number often have to meet the selection of valves of different calibers, and the opening indication must be accurate. Whether it is a mechanical indication or an electrical indication, it should be ensured that the full scale indicates the fully open and fully closed position of the valve. It is required that the opening indicating mechanism have enough gears to change the common speed ratio to meet this requirement, so as to adapt to the accuracy and reliability of the opening indication.
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