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dzw120 electric actuator manufacturer

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-13
dzw120 electric actuator is a professional manufacturer of electric actuators integrating Ru0026D, production and sales. It is suitable for' target='_blank'>gate valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, etc. Can be used for rising stem valves, referred to as Z-type electric actuators. It is a driving device for valve to realize opening, closing or regulating control. It is suitable for gate valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, plunger valves, throttle valves, water gates, etc. This series of actuators have the characteristics of complete functions, reliable performance, advanced control system, small size, light weight, convenient use and maintenance, etc. Remote control, centralized control and automatic control of electric valves can be implemented. DZW/Z multi-turn outdoor valve electric device (also known as electric actuator, electric actuator, electric head), quality assurance, product implementation of three guarantees, excellent after-sales service, product lifetime warranty negotiation. It is an indispensable driving device for remote control, centralized control and automatic control of various valves and dampers. It is a product developed by the company for power stations, petrochemicals, metallurgy, public utilities and other occasions. The performance of this product meets the requirements of JB/T8528-1997 'Technical Conditions for Valve Electric Devices'. The performance of the flameproof type conforms to GB3836.1-2000 'Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmosphere Part 1: General RequirementsThe provisions of JB/T8529-1997 'Technical Conditions for Explosion-proof Valve Electric Devices'. Production company,. The classification of multi-turn electric actuators with electric placement and Q counting: the name type is equipped with K capital, according to the type of protection: outdoor type and explosion-proof type; Huazhizi: kO set body products according to the control method: Integrated switch type and integrated adjustment type; according to the connection type: torque type, power station type and thrust type. The main product models: Z10-24W, Z15-24W, Z20-24W, Z20-18W, Z30-24W, Z30-18W, Z45-24W, Z60-24W, Z90-24W, Z120-24W, Z180-18W, Z250-18W, Z350-18W, Z500-18W. DZW10, DZW15, DZW20, DZW30, DZW45, DZW60, DZW90, DZW120, DZW180, DZW250, DZW350, DZW500, ZA10-18, ZA15-18, ZA20-18, ZA30-18, ZA45-18, ZA60-18, ZA90- 18, ZA120-18, ZB10, ZB15, ZB20, ZB25, ZB30, ZB40, ZC45, ZC60, ZC90, ZC120, ZC180, ZC250ZW10, ZW15, ZW20, ZW30, ZW45, ZW60, ZW90, ZW120, ZW180, ZW10-ZW350 24, ZW15-24, ZW20-24, ZW30-24, ZW45-24, ZW60-24, ZW90-24, ZW120-24, ZW180-18, ZW250-18, ZW350-18, DZW10-DS1, DZW15-DS1, DZW20- DS1, DZW30-DS1, DZW45-DS1, DZW60-DS1, DZW90-DS1, DZW12-DS1, DZW10-DSI, DZW15-DSI, DZW20-DSI, DZW30-DSI, DZW45-DSI, DZW60-DSI, DZW90-DS1 DZW12-DSIDZW10-24, DZW15-24, DZW20-24, DZW30-24, DZW45-24, DZW60-24, DZW90-24, DZW120-24
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