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Electric actuator failure

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-08
In daily operation, electric actuators play a vital role. The actuator is a combination of the actuator and the control valve in the automatic control system. Its role in the automation control system is to receive the signal from the regulator or computer (DCS, PLC, etc.), and adjust the flow of the process medium based on its position and characteristics in the process pipeline, so that the controlled automation instrument is in production Within the range required by the process. Common electric actuator classification 1. According to the control medium used by electric actuator, it is divided into pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators. 2. According to the form of output displacement, it is divided into corner type and linear type. 3. Divided into switch type, integral type and proportional type according to the law of action. 4. According to the input control model, it can be divided into air pressure signal, direct current signal, electric contact on-off signal, pulse signal, etc. So, what should I do if the electric actuator fails? Don't worry, please receive the following dry goods! Fault 1: The electric actuator does not work. Reason 1: The indicator light in the junction box does not turn on when the power is not applied. Solution: Check the wiring. Reason 2: The actuator is in the manual state. Solution: Power off, use the manual knob or crank to restore it to the automatic state. Reason three: the green light does not work. Solution: Check whether the signal is received normally and whether there is a 0-10V signal coming. If it is a 4-20mA signal, change the DIP switch 1 to the ON position. Reason 4: The output signal terminal is connected incorrectly. Solution: usually connect the Y terminal to the M terminal of the controller. Reason 5: The transformer power is not enough. Solution: Check the transformer power. Reason 6: The red light does not work. Solution: Prove that the actuator itself reports a fault, disconnect the actuator and the valve, and check whether the individual actuator is operating normally. If it is normal, there is a problem with the valve or on-site configuration; if the actuator is still If the red light is on, and the red light is flashing, the actuator is malfunctioning. Reason 7: The actuator is leaking. Reason eight: The circuit board is short-circuited and burned out by moisture. Fault two The actuator only moves within part of the stroke. Reason 1: The actuator G and G0 are connected reversely. Reason 2: The stroke limit is set in the controller program. Reason three: The actuator is in manual state and has not returned to the zero position. Solution: Return the actuator to the zero position. Reason four: voltage attenuation. Solution: Use a multimeter to measure the voltage on the actuator terminal. If it is attenuated, replace the wiring or transformer. Reason five: The position of the DIP switch does not correspond to the received signal. Solution: Check the position of the DIP switch and reset it. Reason 6: There is welding slag or foreign body blockage in the valve. Solution: Check whether there is any blockage of foreign matter, and clean the inside of the valve body. Reason seven: The pressure on site is too high and the temperature control valve is configured incorrectly. Reason eight: The actuator does not match the valve. Trouble three: Cause analysis of noise in actuator action: The heat exchange efficiency is too high and it does not match the parameter setting of the proportional band. Solution: Reset the experience value. Please remember the common experience value. The RWD series controller is used for the heating proportional band: between 8 and 12; the RWD series controller is used for the decompression proportional band: between 1 and 4. Fault four: On-site fault of valve body and actuator On-site fault: When electric actuator and domestic valve body are mixed, all the actuators are turned on and the oil pump of the actuator keeps ringing. Reason analysis: In the process of full opening of the actuator, the internal limit switch of the actuator cannot be in place to supply electricity to the oil pump, resulting in the continuous operation of the oil pump of the actuator. Solution: Close the actuator electric and manual, turn the hexagon socket screw at the mark in the above figure counterclockwise, rotate it to a certain angle, try to fully open the valve body by electric, if not, continue to repeat the above steps. If you encounter a similar situation in actual operation, please try the operation according to the above methods first. If you can’t solve it, don’t worry. We have a strong after-sales service team, customer-centric, and continuous improvement of service, and try our best Product or field problem!
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