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Electric actuator manufacturers supply dzw30

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-10
dzw electric actuator, z-type electric actuator, used by the majority of users, stable performance, high product precision, quality assurance, display remote control, convenient operation, remote switching, welcome new and old customers to come to consult, our company produces dzw electric Actuators, professional production of electric actuators, corporate manufacturing, explosion-proof actuators, through the international certification system, welcome new and old customers to inquire about products, smart actuators. The company has passed the explosion-proof certification, the valve electric actuator and the valve are matched to form an electric valve, It can be used for remote automatic control occasions. Due to the different types of valves, diameters, stem diameters and working conditions, various situations should be fully considered when selecting electric actuators to select electric actuators suitable for valve working requirements. Selection of electric actuator specifications: When the type and connection size of the electric actuator are selected, the specifications and models of the electric actuator must be further selected. The selection content should consider the maximum output torque, operating torque, valve stem rotation, Output speed, stem diameter and other aspects. Multi-turn electric valve device, commonly known as Z type. It is suitable for valves with linear movement of discs, such as gate valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, water gates, etc. Used to open, close or adjust the valve, it is an indispensable driving device to realize remote control, centralized control and automatic control of the valve. They have the characteristics of complete functions, reliable performance, advanced control system, small size, light weight, convenient use and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, paper, sewage treatment and other sectors. 1. Power supply: the motor is three-phase AC, 380V (special order 660V, 440V or 220V), 50Hz (special order 60Hz); control line voltage 220V/50Hz (special order 60Hz); remote control voltage 24VDC. 2. Working environment: 3. Ambient temperature: -20—60℃ (special order -60— 80℃) 4. Relative temperature: ≤90% (at 25℃) 5. Normal type and outdoor type are used for non-flammable/ Explosive and non-corrosive medium; explosion-proof products are dⅠand dⅡBT4. dⅠ is suitable for non-excavation working faces of coal mines; dⅡBT4 is used in factories and is suitable for explosive gas mixtures of grade ⅡA and ⅡB T1-T4 group . (See GB3836.1 for details) 6 Degree of protection: Outdoor type and explosion-proof type are IP55 (IP67 can be customized). 7. Work system: 10 minutes for a short time (30 minutes can be customized). As far as the product itself is concerned, because electric valves have the advantages of easy assembly, low failure rate and meeting the industry's automation needs, they are a more cost-effective choice for the industry. Because the general traditional pneumatic valve is used, it is inevitable to have piping, solenoid valve and compressor to match, and the electric valve is driven by a motor, which is simple and convenient to install, and the electric valve electric actuator can be installed with the original automatic control circuit of the factory. Can save other costs. In addition, the opening and closing of the motor drive is smoother, without the shortcomings of excessive momentary impulse, and the failure rate can be greatly reduced. Many people think that electric valves are expensive and costly to use. In fact, it is not. If calculated as a whole, traditional valves need to be installed with many accessories and pipelines. The price is not dominant, but more maintenance costs. A current trend is to continuously apply various electric actuators and electric actuators in various fields.
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