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Electric actuator manufacturers

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-15
—Electric actuator manufacturer. Our company has been pursuing quality for 10 years. Now we have many patents, top ten brand manufacturers, electric actuator company, complete models, complete certifications, and excellent quality. Focusing on the production of electric actuator manufacturers and other electric valve series products, we can provide high-quality configurations to meet the different requirements of customers according to the user's cut-off working conditions. Welcome your inquiries! Electric actuator manufacturers: Valve specializes in manufacturing electric actuators, Including: linear electric actuators, angular electric actuators, electronic electric actuators, limit switches, positioners, explosion-proof travel switches, proximity switches, part-turn, multi-turn, fine and small electric actuators, etc. , The internal module is researched and developed by the company, with good performance, the electric actuator Co., Ltd. can adjust the valve opening arbitrarily. Electric actuator manufacturers, intelligent electric actuators, electric actuators, specializing in the production of electric actuators, the product quality is reliable, the price is favorable, welcome to inquire, the quality is guaranteed, the entity is large, the technical force is strong...For some manufacturers of actuators Insufficient, our company provides a bus-based valve multifunctional electric actuator, in order to solve the technical problems of complicated wiring of electric actuators in the prior art, large amount of wires, and low efficiency. The multifunctional electric actuator includes a bottom box and a housing cover. The bottom box is provided with a micro motor and a reduction transmission gear. The micro motor is dynamically connected to the valve stem assembly through the reduction gear. The bottom box is also provided with The valve position indicator is used to cooperate with the valve stem assembly to present the current valve position state; a circuit board is also arranged inside the housing cover, and a processor is installed on the circuit board, and the processor is connected through a drive circuit The micro motor is used to control and adjust the opening of the valve according to the system control requirements. The processor is also connected to the sensor to collect the corresponding digital quantity through the sensor and transmit it to the remote controller through the P-BUS bus. The advantage of this multifunctional electric actuator is that it adopts a remote controller, which effectively avoids the increase in the number of cables with the data transmission, so that the valve electric actuator has simple wiring, relatively low installation difficulty, and high efficiency. And by connecting the processor to the sensor, the electric actuator can collect and input the data volume of the corresponding parameters while meeting the automatic opening and closing and adjustment of the valve. The function is diversified. At the same time, the utility model provides a The bus valve multifunctional electric actuator has a simple structure, is suitable for industrial production, and has a wide range of applications.
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