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Electric actuator matching valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-18
Located in 'Jiading, China'-Nanxiang, it is a professional manufacturer of electric valve actuators/electric actuators. Its leading products are DZW series, DQW series, QB series multi-turn and partial-turn valve electric devices., fine and small electric actuators , Valve factory’s actuator series electric actuator AC220V/DC24V with signal feedback price, pictures, parameters and manufacturers, please contact us: 021-64162222. Electric actuator valves are now widely used in various industries and various pipelines. They are already one of the important parts for rapid opening and closing of valves. It is suitable for electric ball valves, electric butterfly valves, electric gate valves, electric globe valves, electric regulating valves, etc. Control valve opening and closing. It is a domestic professional manufacturer of electric valves, electric actuators and electric devices. The company is located at No. 178, Changxiang Road, Nanxiang Industrial Zone, Jiading, a metropolis in my country. Our company specializes in the production (supply) and sales of DQW superimposed electric actuators supporting large-diameter ventilation butterfly valves. You are welcome to inquire about DQW superimposed electric actuators supporting large-diameter ventilation butterfly valves...provides a wealth of supporting actuator information, the main content Including: matching actuator price, matching actuator product introduction, matching actuator pictures, etc., as well as detailed merchant introduction and detailed contact information, purchasing matching actuators and related...The quality of valve electric actuators provided by the valve factory Reliable and complete specifications, our company not only has superb technical level, but also good after-sales service and high-quality solutions. Welcome...It uses 380/220/110v AC power supply or 24v/110v DC power supply as the driving power supply, which can be Make the valve move to the required...It is simple to match: the electric actuator adopts a single-phase power supply, the external line is particularly simple, and it can also be used as a 380v, DC power supply...The electric actuator valve produced by the company is of good quality and the price of electric valve is low , Full specifications. It is a local electric valve manufacturer, specializing in the production and sales of various types of actuators, a full range of time switches, complete models, floating-point switches, strokes can be customized according to customer requirements, fast electric actuators, professional development , A high-tech enterprise producing electric actuators, is the largest valve electric device in China... It is a professional valve control system service provider integrating electric heads, electric actuator accessories, and valve electric actuators.
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