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Electric gas gate valve manufacturer

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-23
The electric gas gate valve produced by our company has the characteristics of high hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and easy maintenance after the sealing surface is worn. It is installed in various sewage gas and clean gas pipelines as closed-circuit equipment, and is mainly used for the opening and closing control of gas pipelines in metallurgy, coking, coal gas, and chemical industries. However, the structure is more complicated, the parts are more, and the valve is larger in size and weight. The bottom of the valve body of the gas gate valve is provided with a slag discharge hole to facilitate the removal of dirt. The valve adopts pressure self-tightening seal or valve body, bonnet gasket seal structure, trustworthy! Safe and reliable to use. Use of electric gas gate valve: Generally, the following points should be achieved: 1. If it is used on gas equipment, be sure to choose a gas-specific electric gate valve. Before using the gate valve, the gate valve should be inspected first. For products that have been out of the factory for more than 6 months, they must be tested again in accordance with the factory standards. 2. When installing an electric gas gate valve, a ladder should be erected in advance to build a platform. During installation, set up a gate valve within 0.5m from the distribution branch pipe to the main pipe; double gate valves should be installed in front of the furnace, and there should be a vent pipe between the gate valves, and single-piece brackets should be installed on both sides of the larger gate valve; gas pipes with a diameter of less than 500mm The upper gate valve should be insulated. 3. The gate valve cannot be used for throttling, so as to avoid premature damage to the gate valve due to frequent operation. The gate valve should be tested in spring and autumn, and the screw rod of the gate valve should be oiled and a protective cover should be added. Product selection of electric gas gate valves produced by our company (1) Valve body parameters: nominal diameter, working pressure, process medium, use occasions, valve body materials and other series of parameters. (2) Actuator parameters: power supply voltage, control mode (switch type, regulation type), control signal (4-20mA, 1-5V), action mode (electric-open type, electric-close type). If you have any questions, you can call us, we will do our best to provide you with quality service!
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