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Electric gate valve instructions

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-04
How to use the electric gate valve, how to use it safe and convenient? Electric gate valve instruction manual teaches you how to correctly install and use electric gate valve: electric gate valve instruction manual electric gate valve installation and maintenance manual catalog, use and performance specifications, technical standards adopted, structural features and use principles, main valve parts materials, storage, installation, and use , Inspection, possible failures and maintenance methods, precautions, use and performance specifications (use a. This product is mainly used as an opening and closing device on gas and liquid medium pipelines to connect or cut off the medium flow. It is not suitable for adjusting medium flow. With The advantages of small flow resistance and labor saving for opening and closing. b. Scope of application: chemical, petroleum, metallurgical, paper, pharmaceutical and other industries. (performance specification ~ mm nominal pipe diameter (DN) ~ MPa pressure rating (PN) PN shell test low pressure Seal test test MPa High pressure seal test pressure PNPN upper seal test ~ applicable temperature 2C applicable medium water, steam, oil and other non-corrosive gas or liquid technical standards (design and manufacture according to GBT regulations (inspection and test according to JBT regulations ( Flange size according to JB (structure length according to GBT regulations (valve pressure and temperature standards according to GBT regulations. Structural features and principles of use (see the diagram for the structure and main dimensions of the valve body gate valve stem hexagonal nut double-headed stud) Gasket Bonnet Packing Cylindrical Pin Hexagon Nut Double-headed Stud Packing Plate Bracket Gasket Swivel Bolt Hexagonal Nut Thrust Bearing Stem Nut Hexagonal Nut Double-headed Stud Electric Device (This valve is driven by the electric device to drive the valve stem up and down The gate makes a linear displacement perpendicular to the fluid to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. (This valve adopts the body to directly overlay the valve seat. The process is simple and easy to maintain. (The closing torque of the wedge-type elastic gate is small, easy to seal, and not easy to wedge due to temperature changes. Dead. (The use of replaceable upper sealing structure can assist the packing seal and is convenient for maintenance. (The upper part of the valve cover is equipped with an oil cup to drive lubricating oil to lubricate the stem nut. (The sealing surface is welded with wear-resistant materials to enhance the sealing performance and improve the use Life. (When the user needs it, there is an NPT screw hole on the valve cover for the user to connect to the pressure relief device in the middle cavity. The material of the main valve parts, the valve body sealing surface parts, the stem filling, the bonnet surfacing material, the gasket, the bolt and the nut name The material of the valve sheet Storage, installation, use and inspection of flexible stainless steel with flexible WCBCrCrMoA material graphite graphite spiral wound gasket (Storage a (This valve must be stored in a dry and ventilated room. The valve stem must not be placed neatly. B (The valve should be closed during storage. The flanges at both ends of the state should be closed. Overview of the electric gate valve Z941Y-64I DN200 Z-represents gate valve 9-represents transmission mode: electric (voltage: 380V, switch type, outdoor type, integral type, regulation type, integral regulation type, intelligent type, Mechatronics, etc. for selection) 4-Representative connection method: flange connection (high-pressure flange surface: MF concave surface) 1-Representative structure: wedge single gate Y-represents sealing surface material: hard alloy (wear-resistant High temperature resistance) 64-represents nominal pressure: 6.4MpaI-represents valve body material: chromium molybdenum steel (high temperature and high pressure) DN-represents valve nominal diameter, conventionally DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, DN350, DN400, DN450, DN500, DN600, DN700, DN800, DN900, DN1000 Working temperature: 0-540℃ Working pressure: 0-16Mpa
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