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Electric gate valve manual

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-27
Electric gate valve is a professional manufacturer with complete specifications and models, and the price of electric gate valves is affordable. Welcome to inquire! Electric gate valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, paper, electric power, metallurgy, urban construction and other fields. Electric gate valve installation, use and maintenance manual catalogue 1. Purpose and performance specification 2. Technical standards 3. Structural characteristics and use principle 4. Valve main parts materials 5. Storage, installation, use, inspection, electric gate valve manual catalogue 1. Scope 2. Structural features and operating principles 2.1 Circuit installation diagram 2.1.1 Opening process 2.1.2 Closing process 3. Main technical parameters 4. Installation and maintenance 4.1 Installation 4.2...Electric gate valve catalog 1. Product overview 2. Reference standards 3. Application Scope 4. Performance characteristics 5. Main technical parameters 6. Structure diagram 7. Precautions for maintenance, maintenance, installation and use This electric gate valve is mainly composed of gate valve and actuator. Electric actuators are used in electrical equipment. The output shaft adopts the valve stem nut type connection, and the flange size of the connecting plate is F16, which drives the valve stem to move up and down. Thus, the valve stem is driven to drive the gate to make a linear movement of ascending and descending to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the valve. The valve electrical equipment is equipped with a manual operating mechanism. Manual operation can be used to open and close the valve when there is no power supply, and the valve can be closed when the handwheel rotates clockwise. When turning counterclockwise, the electric valve is opened. The flange in the valve adopts a self-pressure sealing structure, and the sealing gasket is a 316 stainless steel metal gasket, which can withstand high pressure sealing of 4500 pounds, and the sealing performance is reliable. The gate adopts a wedge-type single gate structure, and the valve is small in size and compact in structure. 3.5 The valve body adopts forging and welding structure, which fundamentally solves the quality problems caused by casting defects, eliminates the rejection rate, and improves the reliability of the product. The sealing surface material of the gate and the valve seat is welded with cobalt-based hard alloy. 3.7 There are back-off sealing devices on the valve stem and valve cover. When necessary, the inverted sealing device can be used temporarily to isolate the medium from the stuffing box, but the inverted device cannot be used to replace the packing. The installation and maintenance of the electric gate valve should pay attention to the following items: the handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collisions are strictly prohibited. The double gate valve should be installed vertically (that is, the valve stem is in the vertical position and the handwheel is on the top). Gate valves with bypass valves should be opened before opening (to balance the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet and reduce the opening force). The gate valve with transmission mechanism should be installed according to the product manual.   If the valve is frequently opened and closed, lubricate at least once a month. The gate valve is used as a cut-off medium, and the whole flow is straight when it is fully opened. At this time, the pressure loss of the medium is minimal. Gate valves are usually suitable for working conditions that do not need to be opened and closed frequently and keep the gate fully open or fully closed. Not suitable for use as regulation or throttling. For high-speed flowing medium, the gate can cause vibration of the gate when it is partially opened, and the vibration may damage the sealing surface of the gate and the valve seat, and the throttling will cause the gate to suffer the erosion of the medium. From the structural form, the main difference is the form of the sealing element used. According to the form of sealing elements, gate valves are often divided into several different types, such as: wedge gate valve, parallel gate valve, parallel double gate valve, wedge double gate valve, etc. The most commonly used forms are wedge gate valves and parallel gate valves. Precautions for maintenance, maintenance, installation and use of electric gate valve 1. The valve should be stored neatly in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the passage must be blocked with cover plates. 2. If the valve is stored for a long time, it should be checked regularly, and the exposed processing surface should be replaced with anti-rust oil. And eliminate the dirt and rust on the surface. 3. The valve installation should carefully check whether the performance of the valve meets the requirements for suitable use, and remove the dirt on the surface of the valve. 4. The valve can be installed at any position in the pipeline, but it must be carefully repaired and easy to operate. 5. A wrench should be used to twist the nuts of the connecting flange symmetrically and staggeredly, and the nuts should be twisted or overtightened. 6. The valve should be kept clean during use, and the stem nut part and bearing should be lubricated regularly. 7. Stop using it immediately when any malfunction is found, find out the cause and eliminate it. Ordering instructions for electric gate valves: 1. If customers have special requirements for products, they must provide the following instructions in the order contract: a. Structure length; b. Connection form; c. Nominal diameter; d. Product use medium and temperature and pressure range; e. Test, inspection standards and other requirements. 2. For futures and order customers, please call us and tell us the required valve model, specification, quantity, delivery time and location in detail. And 30% of the total contract amount is paid in advance, and the supplier prepares for production. 3. Our factory can configure various drive devices according to the specific requirements of customers. 4. If the customer provides a certain valve type and model, the customer should correctly explain the meaning and requirements of the model, and sign the contract under the condition that both parties understand and agree.
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