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Electric knife gate valve look for the valve_good quality_fast delivery

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-21
Specializing in the research, development, production and sales of electric valve actuators and automatic control valves. The company has strong technical force, standardized management mechanism, strict quality control, advanced production technology, and now has dozens of advanced machining centers, high-precision CNC machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, general lathes and other manufacturing equipment, as well as various sophisticated testing instruments Equipment etc. The company currently mainly produces various types of automatic control valve equipment such as electric valves, electric actuators, and intelligent regulating valves. Products are widely used in natural gas, electric power, petroleum, chemical, smelting, pharmaceutical, paper, printing and dyeing, municipal administration, construction, water supply and drainage, furnaces and other fields. The products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, and at the same time have won the universal recognition and trust of domestic and foreign customers. The electric knife gate valve has the advantages of simple and compact structure, reasonable design, light and material saving, reliable sealing, light and flexible operation, small size, smooth passage, small flow resistance, light weight, easy installation, easy disassembly, etc. It can work at a working pressure of 1.0MPa It can work normally under the condition of ~2.5MPa and operating temperature of -29~550℃. The gate of the knife gate valve has a shearing function, which can scrape off the adhesive on the sealing surface and automatically remove the debris. The stainless steel gate can prevent the seal leakage caused by corrosion. Features of electric knife gate valve: 1. Good sealing effect, U-shaped gasket has good elasticity. 2. Full diameter design, strong passing ability. 3. The brake effect is good, and it can effectively solve the leakage phenomenon of media containing blocks, particles and fibers after the brake is broken. 4. Convenient maintenance, the seal of the valve can be replaced without removing the valve. When ordering electric knife gate valve products, our company makes the following commitments in after-sales service: 1. The product quality strictly implements the three guarantees, namely: quality, replacement, and warranty; 2. After the contract is signed, guarantee the quality, quantity and delivery on time 3. The company ensures that the valve products provided meet the contract specifications. 4. For technical consultations from the demander, we will answer at any time; when we receive a call from the user that responds to quality problems, we will ensure that we will answer the fastest and solve the problem within 24 hours.
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