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Electric stainless steel flange ball valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-16
Professional manufacturing and sales of electric stainless steel flanged ball valves. A professional manufacturer. Welcome to call. The main products are electric stainless steel flanged ball valves. The valves are durable, flexible and diverse, and have large sales! Provide technical services, trustworthy! Products have a wide range of applications, with smaller diameters It can be applied from high vacuum to high pressure from several millimeters to several meters. Electric stainless steel flanged ball valve, focusing on direct sales of electric ball valve manufacturers, can be cut-off according to the user's operating conditions, electric ball valve manufacturers, valve specifications and models are complete, compact structure, flexible operation, space saving, long life and reliable product quality... You provide electric flange stainless steel ball valve selection, quotation, and program design. Welcome to consult! Valve brand suppliers, 10,000 types of models in stock first-hand stock, preferential prices. All flanged ball valves on sale are genuine original products, reliable in quality and complete in specifications. The electric stainless steel flanged ball valve adopts a floating ball design. It is a rotary valve with a rotation angle of 90°. The distance between the valve seat and the end flange is close, and the material retention is small. Features such as superior sealing performance. It is widely used in chemical and other industries. Stainless steel electric flange ball valve has the advantages of fast execution speed, time saving and manpower, etc. It is recognized and welcomed by users, and the application industry is very wide. Provide you with various brands, materials, structure and connection forms of stainless steel electric flange ball valves. product information. It can be used when it is connected to the power supply, and it can be operated by electric instead of manual operation, which can realize remote automatic control. A valve that uses electrical energy to control the opening and closing of the valve. The working principle of the electric stainless steel flange ball valve: It can directly receive the control signal of the computer or instrument and other equipment, and the power supply can also compare the deviation of the signal feedback from the electric stainless steel flange ball valve with the set value. The actuator drive motor in the electric stainless steel flanged ball valve will be adjusted intelligently to achieve precise positioning and simultaneous output when the electric stainless steel flanged ball valve that can be used with the actuator structure is used together with other equipment. The position of 4~20mADC is used for signal feedback. Its core control component is an electronic controller to realize modern digital technology, which has the embodiment of processing, collection, feedback and other integrated technologies. An electronic brake circuit is also used and a mechanical damping device is added to the circuit to eliminate its inertia. It can realize the function of instantaneous stop and will not oscillate during positioning, and the accuracy can reach more than 0.3% when positioning.
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