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Electric stainless steel gate valve will rust? what reason

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-03
For electric stainless steel gate valves, most people think that they are not easy to rust, but in fact, stainless steel will rust. The valve learned that the rust resistance and corrosion resistance of the electric stainless steel gate valve is due to the formation of a chromium-rich oxide film (passivation film) on its surface. This rust resistance and corrosion resistance are relative. Tests have shown that the corrosion resistance of steel in weak media such as the atmosphere and water and oxidizing media such as nitric acid increases with the increase of the chromium content in the steel. When the chromium content reaches a certain percentage, the corrosion resistance of the steel changes suddenly. , That is, from easy to rust to not easy to rust, from no corrosion resistance to corrosion resistance. To detect whether the electric stainless steel gate valve can rust, you can first place the same valve in a different environment for verification and comparison. Under normal circumstances, if the electric stainless steel gate valve is placed in a relatively dry environment, after a long time, the valve is not only intact as new, but also free of rust. And if the electric stainless steel gate valve is placed in sea water containing a lot of salt, it will rust within a few days. Therefore, the corrosion resistance and stainless steel properties of stainless steel electric gate valves also need to be measured according to the environment. 'From the perspective of the characteristics of stainless steel electric gate valves, the reason why they are not rusty is that there is a layer of chromium-rich oxide film on the surface to prevent external oxygen atoms and other particles from causing damage to the objects, so that the valve has the characteristics of rust. Experts said, however, when the membrane is damaged by environmental factors, it will be freed with iron ions as oxygen atoms enter, and the stainless steel valve will rust. There are many reasons for the rust of stainless steel valves, such as the electrochemical reaction between the membrane and other metal element particles or dust. At the same time, moist air is used as a medium to form a micro battery cycle, which makes the surface of stainless steel rust. Another example is the corrosion caused by the direct contact of the surface film of stainless steel with strong acid, strong alkali and other corrosive liquids. Therefore, in order to prevent stainless steel valves from rusting, attention must be paid to the cleaning of objects in daily use and keep the surface of the valve clean. So, if the electric stainless steel gate valve rusts, how can the customer solve this problem? The technicians give you the following suggestions: 1. Frequently clean and scrub the surface of the electric stainless steel gate valve to remove attachments and eliminate external factors that cause rust. 2. The zone should use 316 stainless steel, because 316 can resist the corrosion of seawater. 3. The chemical composition of some stainless steel pipes on the market does not meet the corresponding national standards and does not meet the material requirements of 304, so it will also cause rust. In this regard, the technicians said that when users choose stainless steel electric gate valves, they must carefully choose products from reputable manufacturers. Electric stainless steel gate valve, with excellent material and good quality, is your trusted choice. There are only a few cases of electric stainless steel gate valves getting rusty. Under normal circumstances, safety valves made of stainless steel are relatively safe, which is unmatched by other materials. Therefore, the valve of this material is very common in the environment of some dangerous media, and it is also the key to ensuring its performance. In addition, stainless steel valves often come into contact with some liquid media, and the environment is often humid. The anti-rust advantage of this type of valve has become a major advantage, and makes this type of valve The service life is greatly extended, and the undue influence of rust problems that may occur is also eliminated.
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