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Electric valve actuator

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-05
Valve electric actuators, valve electric devices, mature and perfect after-sales technology, online orders are more favorable, electric valve manufacturers, after-sales guarantees, our company is a professional research, development, production and sales of valve electric devices, valve electric actuators, intelligent type Valve electric device, and other valve varieties. The main electric actuators provided by the company are based on the corporate spirit of integrity, efficiency, unity, innovation and service. It has a history of more than 10 years. It specializes in producing valve electric actuators, complete models, three guarantees of quality, timely delivery, and reasonable prices. , Tel: 021-64162222. Electric valve actuator Z series actuator and Q type actuator are similar products, and the classification is the same as ordinary type and integral type. The output torque mode is different, and the output torque in the form of multi-rotation enables the valve plate to open and close the valve in an up and down manner. Its Q-type control method and function are exactly the same. Z series actuators are suitable for torque range from 100-5000N.M and above. It can meet the needs of most linear stroke and various caliber valves. It has reliable performance, simple operation and wide application range. 1. Special requirements for power supply classification, 1. AC220V/50HZ, 2. AC380V/50HZ, 3. DC24V/50HZ. 2. Special requirements for model classification, 1. Ordinary switch, 2. Ordinary non-edge contact, 3. Regulating type, 4. Overall switch type, 5. Overall adjustment type. 3. Explosion-proof classification (no explosion-proof can ignore this item) Special requirements, 1. General explosion-proof, 2. Overall explosion-proof.
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