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Electric valve brand

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-12
What brands of domestic electric valves are there, and which are good ones? Electric valve brands recommend industrial valve brands from valve factories, well-known domestic valve companies, valve brand rankings, top ten valves, well-known valve brands in China, valve rankings preferred, standard certification, unanimous recognition by millions of customers, stable performance, and affordable prices . Top 10 international electric valve valve brands ranking: 1. (electric gate valve, electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, electric globe valve, electric regulating valve, electric actuator) 2, the United States (butterfly valve / gate valve / globe valve / ball valve / diaphragm valve / Check valve/plastic valve) 3. Anderson Greenwood Company TYCO (nuclear valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve, regulator) 4. APCO Willemite Valve Company (air valve, check valve) 5. Ascar ASCO (remote solenoid control valve) 6, Casco Co., Ltd. (regulating valve, control valve, butterfly valve) 7, CCI valve company (check valve, stop valve, control valve, bypass valve, gate valve, nuclear valve) 8 , Sheco company (butterfly valve, check valve, gate valve, ball valve, control valve, cryogenic valve, diaphragm valve, etc.) 9. Atkomatic product division (solenoid valve) 10, Sheco Sealing Control Company (check Valves, axial relief valves, over-flow valves) electric valve brand (trademark: HQ)  is a professional research and development, processing and sales of various valves, electric actuators and automation equipment, is a comprehensive type with import and export rights enterprise. The wide-area company network system provides customers with timely and efficient pre-sales and after-sales services. It is a city that absorbs advanced foreign technology and management concepts. Relying on years of Ru0026D experience and management concepts, and constantly introducing and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced production technology and efficient management, we have a strong team. The company's strong technical force, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, high-quality team and complete qualifications are the guarantee of quality and service system, making the company a strong and competitive supplier in the valve and actuator manufacturing industry. The main products are: electric gate valves, electric butterfly valves, electric ball valves, electric globe valves, electric regulating valves, check valves and other series of valves and various electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves, control systems, automation products such as complete sets of automation equipment . It is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, tap water, coal, metallurgy, papermaking, building and other industries. The products are sold at home and abroad and are well received by users at home and abroad.     'Quality-comes from professionalism, service-lies in fulfillment' is the unswerving business philosophy. Looking at the world and looking forward to the future, we are passionate, and the brilliant achievements of the company are the crystallization of users. We will continue to improve product quality and service levels, provide users with high-quality products and perfect services, and make greater contributions to society . Sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us and create brilliance together!
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