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by:Sino Valves     2021-03-08
With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic, various industries in my country have resumed work in an orderly manner, and economic operations have gradually returned to the level before the epidemic. In July, as the resumption of work and production progressed in depth, the order of production and operation was gradually restored, and the profitability of industrial enterprises continued to improve. Under the influence of multiple favorable factors such as the reduction of cost pressure, improvement of market demand, and the effect of relevant support policies, oil processing, electricity, Profits in the chemical and steel industries improved significantly. So let's get back to the point, in summary, the demand for electric valves in various industries is also increasing day by day, and orders continue to come from one after another. The company, based on this month's sales performance, the brand's electric butterfly valve products have become the main star product of this month. The company adopts modern high technology to invest in the research and development of electric butterfly valves, electric actuators and other driving devices. It has many years of production experience. In terms of production organization, management and technological innovation, electric valve products have always been at the advanced level at home and abroad. Other valves also have the advantages of many varieties, complete specifications, beautiful appearance, stable performance, large torque and long service life. Take the D941W electric butterfly valve as an example, this is composed of an electric actuator and a butterfly valve adjusting mechanism. The electric actuator is the drive device of the butterfly valve. It has a mechanical and electrical integration structure design. It has the same servo operation in the machine and the opening signal position feedback, position indication, manual operation and other functions. It has strong functions, reliable performance and precise control. It is AC220V Or AC380V power supply voltage for power, accepting the current signal or voltage signal input from the control system (4-20mA or 1-5VDC). That is to control the operation, realize the proportional adjustment control or switch control of the process fluid medium. Its main features: The ventilated electric butterfly valve is made of the same material as the valve body and processed into a sealing ring. Its applicable temperature and corrosion resistance depend on the selection of the valve body. The nominal pressure is less than 0.6MPa, and its leakage is controlled within 2% of the maximum flow. It is applied to the regulation and control of flue gas, dust, air or fluids containing floating particles and thick and turbid and slurry fluids. This set of supporting parts are made of special wear-resistant materials and high-quality supporting parts, which greatly improves the overall performance of various electric valves and actuators. Time flies, and today's business is thriving, with the shrewd guidance of the company's leaders at all levels and the unremitting efforts of the people, the fruit of how much sweat and tears were cast here. Here are the brave warriors who are determined to innovate and make great achievements. Every working day’s early morning shouts, 'Success is not easy, we still need to work hard, persistence is victory...' There are like-minded people who have been waiting for the front line for many years, taking the enterprise as the home and the valve as a child. Here, I have to say: Just as the company's song said, we all come from different places and meet in a warm world. For the bright future of intelligent electric valves, this group of people must bravely move forward without fear and danger. Thank you for this. The platform regards electric valves as a dream to build, for the market, for the entire industry, in addition to the perverted and demanding product quality, the company also has a set of strict systems and standards in sales and services-do not argue with customers about prices, but discuss value with customers , If you can’t sell the value, the lower price is also expensive. There is no wrong customer, only insufficient service. If you can't design a plan that meets the customer's pain points, no matter how tiring the process is, it will be fruitless. Now, because the electric valve unites people from all corners of the world, it is also because the valve teaches people to work hard and struggle in the face of difficulties, and find new directions, new developments, and new developments in the process of continuous self-improvement under technical bottlenecks. Goal! Every development and growth of an enterprise is the greatest pride of every family member, and every growth and progress of the brand electric valve is the ultimate dream of every family member. Because people always believe that as far as the mind is, we have the confidence to make the intelligent electric valve go far. Similarly, in business management, because of people, each electric valve has the ultimate craftsmanship in the product, the common values u200bu200bformed between the valve products and the people, and thus cultivate the endogenous driving force for enterprise development . The efficiency has improved, performance has improved, prosperity has increased, and people have grown!
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