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Electric valve connection form and driving method

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-07
See which two factors make the electric valve 'moving'? First, the electric valve must be connected to the pipeline; second, the electric valve must be driven. This article provides detailed answers to 4 types of valve connection and 7 valve drive methods. To make the valve 'movingElectric valve connection form The connection form of the electric valve and pipeline mainly includes flange connection, welding connection, butt connection, thread connection, clamp connection, ferrule connection, etc. 1. Flange connection ① Definition of flange connection: Flange connection refers to a detachable connection in which flanges, gaskets and bolts are connected to each other as a set of combined sealing structure. Pipe flange refers to the flange used for piping in the pipeline installation, and refers to the inlet and outlet flanges of the equipment when used on the equipment. The flange connection is easy to use and can withstand greater pressure. ② The scope of application of flange connection. Flange connection can be applied to electric valves of various nominal sizes and nominal pressures, but there are certain restrictions on the operating temperature. In high temperature conditions, the flange connecting bolts are prone to creep phenomenon. Cause leakage. Generally, the flange connection is recommended to be used at a temperature of ≤350℃. ③ Flange type Flange structure type: integral flange (IF), socket welding flange (SW), threaded flange (Th), neck butt welding flange (WN), neck flat welding flange ( SO), plate flat welding flange (PL), flat welding ring loose flange (PJ/RJ), butt welding ring loose flange (PJ/SE), flange cover (BL), etc. ④ Flange sealing surface form The flange sealing surface mainly prevents the medium in the pipeline from leaking out. The sealing surface forms mainly include flat surface (FF), raised surface (RF), concave and convex surface (MF), tongue and groove surface (TG), ring Connecting surface (RJ) and so on. The flat flange connection form is generally suitable for electric valves of PN40 and below. The raised face flange, concave and convex face flange, and tongue and groove flange connection forms are generally suitable for PN160 and below valves. The ring connection surface flange connection form is generally applicable For high-pressure electric valves of PN420 and below. When the valve and the pipeline are connected by a concave-convex (MF) connection, the end flange of the electric valve is generally concave. When the electric valve and the pipeline are connected by tongue and groove surface (TG), the end flange of the valve is generally in the form of groove surface (G). ⑤ Flange standard National standard flange (GB/T) GB/T 9112~GB/T 9124 standard stipulates the type, parameter, size data and technical condition of steel pipe flange, among which GB/T 9113.1~GB/T 9113.4 is the standard for integral steel pipe flanges. Integral steel pipe flanges can be divided into flat integral steel pipe flanges, raised face integral steel pipe flanges, concave and convex surface integral steel pipe flanges, tongue and groove surface integral steel pipe flanges, and ring joint surface integral steel Pipe flange. GB/T 13402: Large-diameter carbon steel pipe flange Chinese chemical industry standard HG 20592~HG 20635, of which HG 20592~HG 20614 belong to the European system, and HG 20615~HG 20635 belong to the American system. a. There are two types of steel pipe outer diameters: international general series (A series)-British pipe domestically used series (B series)-metric pipe b. The pipe thread used by the threaded flange is divided into three types: adopt GB The 55° conical internal thread (Rc) specified in 7306 adopts the 55° cylindrical internal thread (Rp) specified in GB 7306, and the 60° tapered pipe thread (NPT) c specified in GB/T 12716 is adopted. The flange marks HG 20592 and HG 20615 has made marking requirements for flanges in the European system and the American system. China Machinery Industry Standard JB/T 79.1~JB/T 79.4JB/T 81JB/T 82.1~JB/T 82.4JB/T 83~JB/T 86 China Petrochemical Industry Standard SH 3406—1996 American Standard ASME B 16.5—2003ASME B 16.47—2003 Japanese standard JIS B 2210~JIS B 2216 German standard DIN 2531~DIN 2535 Gray cast iron flange DIN 2543~DIN 2551 Cast steel flange British standard BS 4504 French standard NF E29-211 Steel flange ⑥ Flange Example of size query. For example, the connecting flange of the electric valve adopts the integral steel pipe flange of standard HG/T 20592, the nominal pressure is PN25, the nominal size is DN100, and the sealing surface is in RF form. Check the standard HG/T 20592 to get the flange size as follows: ⑦ Matters needing attention The location of the flange bolt bearing surface and bolt hole GB/T 9124 stipulates: the bolt bearing surface of the flange should be machined or counter bored. The counter bore size should be in accordance with the relevant regulations of GB/T 152.4. Lan should ensure that it meets the limit deviation requirements specified in Table 3. All bolt holes shall be equally distributed on the diameter of the center circle of the bolt holes. For integral flanges, the bolt holes shall be arranged midway with the main axis or plumb line of the pipeline. The dense waterline of the flange sealing surface HG 20603 stipulates: When the raised face flange of ≤PN40 adopts non-metallic flat gasket, PTFE coated gasket and flexible graphite composite gasket, the dense waterline can be machined. The code of the sealing surface is RF (A), the roughness of the sealing surface is Ra6.3~12.5, the depth of the waterline is 0.05mm, the pitch of the waterline is 0.8mm, and the tool fillet is 1.6mm. It is stipulated in GB/T 9124 that when non-metallic soft gaskets are used, waterline processing is allowed on the sealing surface of the raised face flange, but it should be indicated in the order contract. The sealing surface of the raised face flange is allowed to be chamfered according to f×45°.
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