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by:Sino Valves     2021-03-16
1. Introduction of Electric Valve Factory is a professional manufacturer of electric valves, specializing in the research, development, production and sales of electric actuators and electric valves. The company has a first-class professional Ru0026D, management and marketing team. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE certification, and obtained the title of 3A enterprise and the title of honoring contracts and keeping promises. The company implements '7S' management. Continuously improve product quality, provide customers with high-quality products and good after-sales service. 2. Features of electric valve factory: Electric actuator is a device that uses electricity to drive opening and closing or adjusting valves. It is an indispensable driving device for valve program control, automatic control and remote control. Its movement process can be controlled by stroke, torque or axial thrust. The working characteristics and utilization of the valve electric device depend on the type of valve, the working specifications of the device and the position of the valve on the pipeline or equipment. 1. The electric device generally consists of the following parts as a special motor, which is characterized by strong overload capacity, large starting torque, small moment of inertia, short-time and intermittent work deceleration mechanism to reduce the output speed of the motor, stroke control mechanism for adjustment And accurately control the opening and closing position torque limit mechanism of the valve to adjust the torque (or thrust) and make it not exceed the predetermined value. Manual or electric switching mechanism, manual or electric operation interlocking mechanism opening indicator, with To display the position of the valve during the opening and closing process. 2. According to the valve type, select the electric actuator and the rotary electric actuator (rotation angle u003c360 degrees)-suitable for butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, etc. The rotation of the output shaft of the electric actuator is less than one revolution, that is, less than 360 degrees, usually 90 degrees to achieve the valve opening and closing process control. This type of electric actuator is divided into two types: direct connection type and base crank type according to the different installation interface methods. Direct connection type: refers to the form where the output shaft of the electric actuator is directly connected to the valve stem. Base crank type: refers to the form where the output shaft is connected to the valve stem through the crank. Multi-turn electric actuator Multi-turn electric actuator (rotation angleu003e 360 degrees )-Suitable for gate valves, globe valves, etc. The rotation of the output shaft of the electric actuator is more than one circle, that is, more than 360 degrees. Generally, it takes more than one circle to realize the valve opening and closing process control. Straight stroke Straight stroke (linear motion)-suitable for single-seat control valves, double-seat control valves, etc. The motion of the output shaft of the electric actuator is linear motion, not rotating.
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