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Electric valve manufacturers electric valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-08
Electric valve manufacturers, electric actuator manufacturers specialize in the production and sales of electric valves, factory direct sales, price concessions, welcome to inquire, professional manufacturers, domestic professional electric valve manufacturers, specializing in the production and sales of various types of electric valves, complete varieties, and ISO. . Specializing in the production and supply of intelligent, angular-stroke, straight-stroke electric valve manufacturers have a good market reputation; electric valve manufacturers multi-turn electric actuator series products, professional sales and technical service teams! At present, the domestic and Tianjin area have been formed as the main electric In the production pattern of the device manufacturing base, although the number of production companies is relatively large, there are only about 10 companies with a certain scale and brand influence. In recent years, domestically-made electric devices have made significant progress and expansion in terms of types, specifications, control types, production modes, application areas, etc., and achieved more achievements than any previous period. Although the economic indicators of certain related industries have slowed down in the past one or two years, the demand for electric devices has not decreased significantly, reflecting the wide range of applications for this product. According to rough statistics over the years, the annual demand for electric valves is less than 3‰ of the total number of industrial pipeline cut-off valves (excluding process control electric control valves). Nevertheless, its importance cannot be ignored, because the use of electric valves is often reflected in electric devices, and this phenomenon has attracted the attention of the industry and users. The working principle of the electric valve is introduced. When the electric valve reaches the required position (entering the dead zone), the piezoelectric valve has no pulse output, and the positioner output remains at zero, so that the valve is stable at a certain position. For valves that are not frequently opened and closed, turn the handwheel regularly to add lubricant to the valve stem threads to prevent seizure. For outdoor valves, a protective sleeve should be added to the valve stem to prevent rain, snow, dust, and rust. If the valve is mechanically ready to move, lubricate the gearbox on time. Regulating electric valve is the mainstream valve body opening and closing device used in the pipeline system. As a device with better adjustment performance, it is currently used in other fields in addition to being used in pipelines, such as in Many machinery and equipment are used. Electric gate valve, because its regulating effect is much stronger than that of ordinary valves, and now it is also connected to pneumatic actuators, so the range of use of pneumatic control valves is greatly improved, because this type of actuator has a certain degree of Automatic adjustment function, so it can play an automatic adjustment effect in the pipeline. With the continuous improvement of the process and performance of various complete sets of equipment, the types of valves are still increasing. What types of electric valve manufacturers have 1. Electric valves can be divided into on-off type electric valves and regulating type electric valves according to valve position functions; 2. According to valve position forms, they can be divided into: electric ball valves and electric butterfly valves; 3. According to valve body shape It can also be divided into: ordinary electric valves and miniature electric valves; 4. Electric valves are usually on-off type and regulating type; 5. According to the wiring, there are three-wire and two-wire systems. Large diameters are mostly three-wire systems, and small-bore ones There are two-wire and three-wire systems. Working environment of electric valve manufacturers In addition to paying attention to pipeline parameters, electric valves should also pay special attention to their working environmental conditions, because the electric device in electric valves is an electromechanical device, and its working conditions are greatly affected by its working environment. Under normal circumstances, the working environment of electric valves is as follows: 1. Indoor installation or outdoor use with protective measures; 2. Outdoor installation in the open air, subject to erosion by wind, sand, rain and sun; 3. Flammable and easy to use Explosive gas or dust environment; 4. Humid tropical and dry tropical environment; 5. Pipeline medium temperature is as high as 480℃ or higher; 6. Ambient temperature is lower than -20℃; 7. It is easy to be flooded or immersed in water; 8. With Radioactive material (nuclear power plant and radioactive material test equipment) environment; 9. The environment on ships or docks (with salt spray, mold, and humidity); 10. occasions with severe vibration; 11. occasions prone to fire;
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