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Electric valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-17
What are the electric valve manufacturers? How about the price of electric valve? How to buy an electric valve? Most customers want to know about the quality, price and after-sales service. Some customers buy an electric valve and find that the quality is defective during use, which is also a headache. This also greatly affects production. The reputation of the supplier, and the price issue, many customers or middlemen like to inquire about several valve manufacturers, compare prices, see which price is cheap and preferential, and then look at the company’s brand, establishment time, qualifications, etc. It is also one of the reasons that affect the purchase of customers. There are also after-sales services, such as quality assurance issues, which are problems or failures encountered during use. The valve factory needs to provide relevant technical guidance. Others are to install and debug electric valves on site. , Good after-sales service and customer satisfaction are also trustworthy. The electric valve manufacturer is also a professional manufacturer of electric gate valves, electric ball valves, electric butterfly valves, electric globe valves, electric regulating valves, and electric actuators. It has reasonable price, professional selection, reliable quality, excellent performance, recognized qualifications, and established good cooperative relations with many large-scale well-known enterprises and key projects. It has multiple quality inspection certificates and quality assurance. With the development of technology, electric valves The application is more and more extensive. It has a wide range of applications in pipeline systems. It is a professional supplier of electric valves, electric butterfly valves, electric actuators, electric regulating valve manufacturers, complete models, low prices, brand-name products, excellent services, and is widely used Environmental protection, building materials, electricity, steel and other industries. Working principle of electric valve: The electric valve produced by our company is connected by an electric actuator and the valve, and becomes an electric valve after installation and debugging. Use electric energy as power to switch on the electric actuator to drive the valve to realize the on-off and regulating action of the valve. So as to achieve the purpose of switching or adjusting the pipeline medium. It can not only realize the switching function, but also the regulating type electric valve can realize the valve position adjustment function. The completion of the opening or closing action requires a certain amount of time to adjust. Advantages of electric valve: 1. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to water impact 2. With manual function, can be equipped with hand wheel type, explosion-proof environment actuator can be equipped with explosion-proof type 3. Simple operation, stability, and long service life. 4. Meet the requirements of working conditions where ordinary valves cannot be used. 5. With switch and adjustment functions, valve position indication and output
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