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Electric valves win the market with reputation and quality

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-02
——Interview with Mr. Dang Xu, the general manager, located in the 'Chinese Metropolis'. It is a company integrating design, manufacturing and sales. With strong technical force, scientific management, advanced equipment, perfect testing methods, and working attitude of striving for perfection, everything that Zhongcheng has done has brought quality assurance to customers and won a good reputation. Recently, our reporter interviewed Mr. Dang Xu, the general manager, on issues such as market, competition, and development. Interview with Mr. Dang Xu, General Manager Reporter: Hello, I am very glad to be able to interview you in your company. First of all, would you please tell us about the company's history and development status? Party President: It is a valve manufacturing enterprise integrating production, research and development and sales. The production base is located in Nanxiang Industrial Zone, Jiading District, which is known as the 'Chinese Metropolis'. The company was founded in 2008, after more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, it has rich experience in product manufacturing and development. The company has passed a variety of international and domestic authoritative quality and integrity system certification. Valve is gradually becoming a modern enterprise with a certain scale. The company's main products include electric gate valves, electric ball valves, electric butterfly valves, electric globe valves, electric regulating valves and various electric actuators. The products are produced in strict accordance with the national standard GB and other standards, and non-standard products can also be customized according to customer needs. Reporter: Please talk about your company's achievements in the market and main sales channels in the past two years. Chairman of the Party: In the past two years, our sales are not bad, we have achieved great results, and we have been moving forward a little bit. At present, we have several types of sales, including our own sales, followed by agency sales, and sales through foreign trade companies. Chairman of the Party: I think that the more competition, the better for us, which can inspire us to improve product quality. In terms of competition, our main advantage is price and quality. Our quality has reached the international level, and our products have been recognized by foreigners. Although our prices are in the mid-to-high range compared with similar domestic products, they are similar to those abroad Compared with the products, our prices are much cheaper than theirs. Reporter: Could you please talk about the current status of the industry in the market? Chairman of the Party: Compared with the national market, the proportion of imitation of products is more, but we are not. Our products are still different from those of other companies. In the market, if we make a product, other companies will imitate it immediately. For us, we do not have the fundamental countermeasures yet, we can only improve The quality of our products can also be said to be our main response. But the quality of those imitated products is definitely not comparable to ours. Reporter: What do you think of the development prospects of the company? Does the company have any market plans in the past two years? Chairman of the Party: In terms of our plans for the next few years, one is that we must vigorously explore foreign markets and expand exports; the other is to strive for our brand to occupy a certain position in the market, and thoroughly distinguish it from some miscellaneous brands in the current market. Boundary; Third, we are currently mainly producing products such as electric valves, and we need to develop a complete set of equipment and an overall production line. In the second half of the year, we will move to a new plant and introduce new equipment. At that time, our staff will increase, including technicians and marketing personnel. The establishment of our new plant is also to enhance our image and expand our exports, and strive to successfully go public in 5 years. Reporter: Please talk to us about the current internal management of our enterprise. Chairman of the Party: In terms of corporate management, our current management personnel are limited, so the current management mechanism is not perfect, and these will be resolved in the future. After arriving at the new plant, we will introduce a new management model and vigorously introduce management talents under the premise of maintaining the original internal management.
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