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Electromagnetic valves are classified in principle

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-18

Solenoid valves are divided into three categories in principle:   

1) Direct-acting solenoid valve: Principle: When energized, the solenoid generates electromagnetic force to lift the closing part from the valve seat, and the valve opens ; When the power is off, the electromagnetic force disappears, the spring presses the closing piece on the valve seat, and the valve closes. Features: It can work normally under vacuum, negative pressure and zero pressure, but the diameter generally does not exceed 25mm.

2) Step-by-step direct-acting solenoid valve: Principle: It is a combination of direct-acting and pilot-operated principle. When there is no pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet, the electromagnetic force directly controls the pilot The small valve and the main valve closing piece are lifted upwards in turn, and the valve opens. When the inlet and outlet reach the starting pressure difference, after power on, the electromagnetic force pilots the small valve, the pressure in the lower chamber of the main valve rises, and the pressure in the upper chamber drops, so that the pressure difference pushes the main valve upward; when the power is off, the pilot valve uses a spring The force or medium pressure pushes the closing piece and moves downward to close the valve. Features: It can also be operated under zero pressure difference or vacuum and high pressure, but the power is large, and it must be installed horizontally.

3) Pilot solenoid valve: Principle: When energized, electromagnetic force opens the pilot hole, the pressure in the upper chamber drops rapidly, forming a high pressure difference around the closing part, and the fluid pressure pushes the closing part Move upward, the valve opens; when the power is off, the spring force closes the pilot hole, the inlet pressure quickly passes through the bypass hole, and the chamber forms a low and high pressure difference around the valve closing member, and the fluid pressure pushes the closing member to move downward and close. valve.

Characteristics of electromagnetic valve: The upper limit of the fluid pressure range is high, and it can be installed arbitrarily (customization is required) but must meet the fluid pressure difference condition.

1. The solenoid valve is divided into six sub-categories from the valve structure and material difference and principle difference: direct-acting diaphragm structure, step-by-step direct-acting diaphragm structure, pilot diaphragm Structure, direct-acting piston structure, stepwise direct-acting piston structure, pilot piston structure.

2. Solenoid valve-function classification Water solenoid valve Large diameter gas solenoid valve Steam solenoid valve Refrigeration solenoid valve Three-way solenoid valve with signal feedback solenoid valve Ultra-low temperature solenoid valve Pilot solenoid valve Low temperature solenoid valve Gas solenoid Valve pulse aluminum alloy solenoid valve diaphragm solenoid valve fire solenoid valve ammonia solenoid valve gas solenoid valve zero pressure start solenoid valve ultra-high temperature solenoid valve liquid solenoid valve fountain solenoid valve micro solenoid valve high pressure piston solenoid valve internal thread solenoid valve normally closed solenoid Valve hot water solenoid valve pulse solenoid valve two-position five-way solenoid valve hydraulic solenoid valve normally open solenoid valve oil solenoid valve DC solenoid valve two-position three-way solenoid valve corrosion-resistant solenoid valve signal solenoid valve water inlet solenoid valve high pressure solenoid valve right angle pulse Solenoid valveStainless steel solenoid valveFlange solenoid valvePlastic solenoid valveExplosion-proof solenoid valveAdjustable flow solenoid valveDirect-acting solenoid valveBrass solenoid valveVacuum solenoid valve

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