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Examples of compilation of commonly used valve models

by:Sino Valves     2021-11-06
Examples for the compilation of commonly used valve models: (1) Flanged rising rod wedge-type single gate valve: Z41H-1.6. Z-gate valve; 4-flange connection; 1-single valve plate; H-alloy steel; 1.6-nominal pressure 1.6MPa. (2) Flange rising rod wedge elastic gate valve: Z40H-1.6. Z-gate valve; 4-flange connection; 0-rising rod wedge gate valve; H-alloy steel; 1.6-nominal pressure 1.6MPa. (3) Flange stop valve: J41H-1.6C. J-Stop valve; 4-flange connection 3; 1-self-venting; H-valve seat sealing surface material alloy steel, 1.6-nominal pressure 1.6MPa; C-valve body material is carbon steel. (4) Internal thread globe valve: J11T-1.6. J- globe valve; 1- internal thread; 1- self-passing type; T- copper alloy; 1.6—nominal pressure 1.6MPa. (5) Flange rotary check valve: H44T-10. H-check valve; 4-flange connection; 4-single flap type; T-copper alloy; 10-nominal pressure 10MPa. (6) Flange spring type safety valve with wrench: A47H-1.6CA-safety valve; 4-flange connection; 7-structure type piston type, H-alloy steel; 1.6-nominal pressure 1.6MPa; C-valve body carbon steel. (7) Flange throttle valve: L41T-392Q.
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