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Explosion-proof electric ball valve price

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-14
Explosion-proof electric ball valve price Explosion-proof electric ball valve Model: BQ941F, FBQ941H Explosion-proof electric ball Diameter: DN15~DN300 Explosion-proof electric ball Structure: Floating straight-through explosion-proof electric ball Valve body material: cast steel WCB, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 Nominal of explosion-proof electric ball Pressure: PN10, PN16, PN25, PN64 Explosion-proof electric ball Applicable temperature: -30℃~450℃ Explosion-proof electric ball Application range: Steam, natural gas, sewage, gas, coal mine, etc. Explosion-proof electric ball Product features: fire prevention, anti-static treatment, Achieve explosion-proof standards, have good explosion-proof performance, explosion-proof electric ball valve price overview: The high-pressure explosion-proof electric flanged ball valve produced is suitable for two-position cut-off and adjustment occasions. It is a combination of an explosion-proof actuator and a ball valve. It is an electric explosion-proof valve specially used in flammable and explosive working conditions. The electrical components on the explosion-proof electric ball valve are required to be fire-proof and anti-static, and all meet the explosion-proof standards. The explosion-proof grade is ExdⅡBT4 (CT6) and the protection grade is IP67. The explosion-proof electric ball valve can control the valve switch by inputting the relevant power signal, input 4-20mA signal and 220V power supply to control the operation of the ball valve for proportional adjustment, achieving automatic control of the medium flow size, pressure, temperature and other parameters in the pipeline, and is widely used It is suitable for explosion-proof occasions such as natural gas, sewage, gas, coal mine and chemical industry. The function of the electric explosion-proof ball valve The valve manufacturer's electric explosion-proof ball valve has an explosion-proof grade of ExdⅡBT4, a protection grade of IP67, and an on-site control device. The main features of the explosion-proof electric ball valve are: when the power is off, the clutch handle can be manually operated. When energized, the clutch automatically resets. The flow direction can be arbitrary, the adjustable range is wide, and it can be used in high pressure and large diameter occasions to control high viscosity, fiber and fine particles. Valve factory explosion-proof electric ball valve valve price characteristics: Explosion-proof electric ball valve means that the electric actuator on the ball valve meets the explosion-proof standard. It is used in the occasions where explosion-proof is required, such as liquid or gas and other flammable and explosive places in the chemical industry. Turn on, turn off or adjust. Explosion-proof valves can be divided into two types: intrinsically safe type and flameproof type. The intrinsically safe type uses a DC motor, and the explosion-proof type uses an AC motor. The operator can control the valve remotely in the control room or on site. To proceed. Valve manufacturer explosion-proof electric ball valve actuator: drive form electric control (power drive) protection level equivalent to IP67, IP68 optional explosion-proof level ExdⅡBT4 (CT6) signal feedback active signal, S passive signal with heater can be executed dry in a humid environment Internal components (optional) manual function electric actuator comes with manual switch device
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