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Explosion-proof electric ball valve supplier, supplier

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-15
To help you find the above-mentioned high-quality electric explosion-proof ball valve suppliers and manufacturers, as well as the detailed information of the electric explosion-proof ball valve product parameters, models, pictures, prices, etc., the explosion-proof electric ball valve valve body structure produced by our company is a valve core that rotates 90 degrees , The electric actuator is the input 0-10 mA standard signal, accepts the input and output of the current signal or the voltage signal from the industrial automation control (DCS, PLC system) instrument source, and the motor group drives the gear turbine worm angle torque to switch and adjust valve. Main technical parameters of valve manufacturers explosion-proof electric ball valve suppliers and suppliers. Power supply voltage: 220V AC single-phase, 380V AC three-phase, 24V/110V/220V DC Output torque: 50N·M~4000N·M Action range: 0~90°, 0~270°, 0~360° Control mode: switch two-position control, passive contact signal, 1/5K potentiometer, intelligent adjustment (4-20mA analog signal control) Action time: 15 seconds/30 seconds/60 Second protection device: overheat protection, overload protection Ambient temperature: -30℃~+70℃ Mechanical limit: electrical and mechanical double limit position measurement: optional switch or potentiometer, potentiometer, proportional control unit Drive motor: 8W/E protection grade: IP65/IP67 explosion-proof grade: ExdⅡ BT4, ExdⅡ CT5. Functional requirements for explosion-proof electric ball valve suppliers and suppliers: According to the control requirements of industrial pipelines, for electric ball valves, the control function is completed by electric devices. The purpose of applying electric ball valves is to complete non-manual electrical control or computer control of valve opening, closing and adjustment linkage. The current application of electric devices is not just for diligence and labor saving. Since the functions and quality of products from different manufacturers are quite different, the selection of electric devices and the selection of valves are equally important to the project. Electric ball valve actuators have special requirements, that is, they must be able to limit the torque (axial force) and the angle of rotation. When the specifications of the electric device are determined, the control torque is also determined. Generally run within a predetermined time, the motor will not be overloaded. However, the following conditions may cause overload. 1. The power supply voltage is low, and the required torque cannot be obtained, so that the motor stops rotating; 2. The torque limit mechanism is set incorrectly to make it larger than the stopping torque, resulting in continuous generation of excessive torque, causing The motor stops rotating; 3. It is used intermittently, and the generated heat accumulation exceeds the allowable temperature rise value of the motor; 4. For some reason, the torque limit mechanism circuit fails, which makes the torque too large; 5. It is the use environment If the temperature is too high, the thermal capacity of the motor will decrease.
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