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Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve exd941x supplier

by:Sino Valves     2021-02-25
Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve exd941x supplier supplier is driven by 220VAC power supply, accepts 0-10mA or 4-20mA standard signal, and drives the valve opening to adapt to the operating signal, medium pressure, flow, temperature, simple. To achieve the purpose of adjusting various structures and convenient operation. The valve plate has an elliptical diagonal closing structure with almost no leakage. Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve is suitable for large diameter and large flow. Because of its self-cleaning effect, it is especially suitable for adjusting ventilation systems and media containing suspended particles. Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve is used in combination with electric actuator, and through various control signals, you can change the flow rate of gas, dust, flue gas and other media through various liquids in the pipelines of metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, photosensitive, building materials and environmental protection industries. . Realize automatic adjustment and remote control of industrial processes. The maintenance of explosion-proof electric butterfly valve should also pay attention to the leakage of electric head and transmission. Especially in the rainy precipitation. One is to melt the electric mechanism or rotating sleeve, and the other is to lock in winter. When the electric control valve is working, the twisting distance is too large, which will damage the electric system components, and the motor will be full or stop over-rotating for maintenance, and electric operation cannot be completed. The electric system components are destroyed and cannot be deployed manually. After over-twisting the maintenance posture, the power switch cannot be used for manual operation. If forced to operate, it may damage the internal aluminum alloy parts. The pipe diameter of the explosion-proof electric butterfly valve is flush with the sealing ring. For example, if there is an open clearance fit (such as a gate valve), the swing limit switch can be adjusted inward to ensure that the pipe diameter is locked vertically. Limit switch adjustment can't just pursue perfection or close one part, it should be considered as a whole. The seat surface is flush and cannot be closed in time. The explosion-proof electric butterfly valve may not be closed. Similarly, the adjustment officer must do it in a timely manner and consider adjusting individual affairs. Ensure the tilt stroke arrangement of the explosion-proof electric butterfly valve. After fat injection, the fat injection port should be sealed. To prevent the dregs from entering, or to prevent the air oxidation of long-chain fatty acids at the local exit, the anti-rust treatment fat should be applied when sealing to prevent rust corrosion. It is convenient to use in the next job. Valve factory explosion-proof electric butterfly valve exd941x supplier actuator features 1, explosion-proof electric butterfly valve exd941x dryer-used to control the temperature, prevent moisture condensation inside the actuator due to changes in temperature and weather, and keep the internal electrical components dry. 2. Limit switch-mechanical and electronic dual limit. The mechanical limit screw is adjustable, the case is reliable; the electronic limit switch is controlled by a cam mechanism, and the simple adjustment mechanism can accurately and conveniently set the position without battery support (the micro switch contacts are uniformly silver contacts) 3. Torque switch-can provide overload protection, when the valve jams or there is foreign matter, the motor power is automatically cut off, which more effectively protects the valve and electric actuator from damage. (It has been set before leaving the factory, please do not change the setting at will) 4. The shell of the explosion-proof electric butterfly valve exd941x-the shell is hard aluminum alloy, anodized and coated with polyester powder, with strong corrosion resistance and protection level IP67, explosion-proof grade BT4, and IP68 and CT4 for selection. 5. Motor-fully enclosed squirrel cage motor, small size, large torque, low inertia, insulation class F, built-in overheating protection switch to prevent overheating and damaging the motor . 6. Manual structure-The design of the handwheel ensures that the case is reliable, labor-saving, small in size, and not powered on, the clutch handle can be manually operated. When energized, the clutch automatically resets. (Note: When the motor is not energized, the electric actuator will remain in a permanent manual state) 7. Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve exd941x indicator-the indicator is installed on the central axis, and the valve position can be observed. The lens adopts the convex lens design, does not accumulate water, and is convenient for observation. 8. Self-locking-precision and double worm gear mechanism can efficiently transmit large torque, high efficiency, low noise (maximum 50 decibels), long life, self-locking function to prevent reverse rotation, stable and reliable transmission part, and high efficiency lubrication has been added to the factory Grease, no need to add oil to use. 9. Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve exd941x anti-drop bolt-when the shell is removed, the bolt is attached to the shell and will not fall off. The external bolts are all made of stainless steel. There are many types of explosion-proof electric actuators of valve manufacturers, and the commonly used ones are explosion-proof, positive pressure, increased safety and non-sparking. 1. The structure of the non-sparking explosion-proof electric valve actuator is roughly the same as that of the ordinary motor, except that the protection level of the shell and the structure of the junction box are higher; in addition, some reliability measures are added to the manufacturing process conditions, so it is reliable The performance is relatively high, and its price is the lowest among all kinds of explosion-proof electric valve actuators, only compared to ordinary electric valve actuators; maintenance is also as simple as ordinary motors, so it can be widely used in zone 2 hazardous environments. 2. Due to the complex structure of the explosion-proof and positive-pressure explosion-proof electric valve actuators, their prices are more than double that of ordinary motors, and they require a higher level of technology and management in the maintenance, so they are not dangerous in zone 1. In addition to environmental applications, such motors should not be used or minimized in other hazardous environments. 3. The increased-safety explosion-proof electric valve actuator is designed to have a higher temperature rise than ordinary motors, and this type of motor also has stricter special requirements for relay protection, so this type of motor is generally not used.
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