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Explosion-proof electric valve z941 type

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-11
Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of electric valves. How to better satisfy customers? A good valve manufacturer and a good explosion-proof electric valve manufacturer depend on the quality, price and after-sales service of the electric valve manufacturer. For example, the explosion-proof electric valve z941 type customer considers whether there is an explosion-proof certificate. The valve specializes in the production of explosion-proof electric valves. The upvc electric valves produced by our company are cheap, good in quality and superior in performance. For parameters, please see the detailed parameters. Buy explosion-proof electric valves, upvc electric valves Welcome to the factory for inspection. Explosion-proof electric valves are mainly used in flammable and explosive occasions. The protection level is generally IP68, BT4 or CT4 explosion-proof mark. If the pipeline is conveying something like carbon monoxide, you should choose the explosion-proof type, just contact me In the end, the explosion-proof type can be isolated from the air after the cover is closed, and the seal is very good! Advantages of explosion-proof electric gate valve:   ①The valve adopts a pressure self-tightening seal or a sealed structure of the valve body and bonnet gasket, which is trustworthy! It is safe to use.  ②The valve disc adopts a double gate with a universal top structure in the middle, which can automatically adjust the fit between the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat to ensure the sealing of the valve. At the same time, this structure is convenient for maintenance, saves costs, and has better valve disc interchangeability.  ③The sealing surface of the valve disc and valve seat is made of cobalt-chromium-tungsten cemented carbide by plasma spray welding. The sealing surface has high hardness, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life.  ④The valve stem is made of nitrided steel with surface nitriding treatment, high hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.  ⑤The electric device is equipped with a torque control mechanism, an on-site operating mechanism and a hand and electric switching mechanism. In addition to local operation, remote operation, PLC control, 4-20mA current input and output intelligent control, etc. can also be carried out.  ⑥The manual valve is opened by the manual mechanism or the handwheel when it is hit. Reduce valve operating force.  ⑦The valve can be installed in any position of the pipeline, and the carbon steel or alloy steel valve can be selected according to the medium and the temperature of the medium. ⑧When installing and debugging for the first time, the valve must be manually opened to about half of the position to avoid damage to the valve or electrical equipment due to reverse motor phase sequence. The explosion-proof protection grade is IP68. It is suitable for flammable and explosive occasions, with high safety factor, strong operation function and stable performance. The explosion-proof electric valve adopts a top-mounted structure, which reduces the connecting bolts of the valve body under the conditions of high pressure and large diameter, enhances the reliability of the valve and can overcome the influence of the weight of the system on the normal operation of the valve. Explosion-proof electric valves [1] are widely used in coal chemical, petrochemical, rubber, paper, pharmaceutical and other pipelines as media splitting, confluence or flow switching devices. The performance of the electric device of the explosive type valve conforms to GB3836.1-2000 'Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmosphere Part 1: General RequirementsAnd JB/T8529-1997 'Technical Conditions of Explosion-proof Valve Electric Device'.
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