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Explosion-proof electric valve

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-18
The seven performance characteristics of the explosion-proof electric valve and the two operating modes. The explosion-proof electric valve has always been in a very popular position in the current life, and it allows us to effectively understand and understand it in use. It has a lot of functions, so that we can use it effectively without error. We need to pay attention to the environment in which it should not be placed in a high-temperature environment, and perform effective based on actual related space factors. To use it, it is very necessary for us to determine and understand its own related characteristics, and it cannot be placed in direct sunlight, so as to avoid damage to the machine's case, or problems with internal wiring. The use of the overall above. Do you know how to operate the explosion-proof electric valve correctly to make the life and performance of the equipment play well? If you don’t know, let me introduce it for you. 1. If you are using the explosion-proof electric valve this time, you must first repeatedly confirm that all the conditions are met before it can operate. Many customers have affected the service life and performance of the equipment because of the careless inspection. 2. After the explosion-proof electric valve is running, do not use too much force to operate the equipment, but operate slowly. If the external force is too large, it is not only the inability to increase the performance of the equipment, it will cause the parts of the equipment to be distorted due to the excessive external force, which will affect the equipment. , Explosion-proof electric valve performance characteristics: 1. Advanced pinless connection technology makes the sealing performance more reliable, long service life, and convenient maintenance. 2. The use of electroplating, nylon and other different coatings greatly improves the corrosion resistance and can meet the needs of different industries . 3. The exterior of the valve adopts plastic spray coating to improve the anti-corrosion performance of the product and its appearance is beautiful. 4. The performance of the electric drive device is characterized as follows: 1) Small and light, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed at any angle 2) Aluminum die-casting shell, which can reduce electromagnetic interference 3) Integrated design of worm gear output shaft, avoiding keys Connection gap, high transmission accuracy 4) Copper alloy forged worm gear output shaft, high strength and good wear resistance 5) Fully imported micro switch, more sensitive on and off, safer to use 6) Multiple output signals: switch type , Regulating, Intelligent 7) With overheating protection, overload protection function, safety is guaranteed
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