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by:Sino Valves     2021-03-11
The professionally produced small-sized electric actuators are suitable for small-diameter ball valve butterfly valves. The products are small and beautiful, reliable in quality and stable in operation. The series of electric actuators are independently produced by the valve factory with a small volume and easy operation. The electric drive device can be widely used In petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, shipbuilding, papermaking, power station,...Where is the fine small electric actuator? Of course it is 'good quality, good after-sales, and good reputation'. A famous brand in the valve industry, with excellent quality recognized by the industry Small electric actuators have a long service life and are popular all over the country. More trustworthy! A high-quality supplier of fine small electric actuators, which can be customized according to customer needs, has accumulated more than ten years of production experience, and has won contracts for several consecutive years. Credit unit, buy fine small electric actuators, find valves. The integrated intelligent electric actuator adopts advanced intelligent digital control technology, without additional configuration of feedback unit and servo. After-sales guarantee, etc. Voltage: AC380V/AC220V, control signal: 4-20MA , Protection grade: IP67, rotation angle: 0-90°, fine workmanship, focus on actuator production and development, long service life. The adjustment of the mechanical limit stop of the fine and small electric actuator 1. Drive the valve to the fully closed position with the handle and make the fully closed position limit switch (CLS) act (the limit switch will make a 'click' sound when it is activated). 2. Loosen the lock nut on the right side, use an Allen key to turn the limit adjustment screw clockwise and make the adjustment screw just abut the mechanical limit stop, and then turn the adjustment screw back half a turn counterclockwise. Make the mechanical limit at the fully closed position lag the electrical limit by an angular distance of 2.5°, and lock the lock nut. 3. Use the same method to adjust the mechanical limit of the left fully open position. 4. After debugging, make the stroke, electrical limit, and mechanical limit of the actuator meet the requirements shown in the figure, that is, the limit switch will be turned off first under abnormal conditions. Electrical protection, the mechanism limit is activated only when the limit switch fails. In use, if the mechanical limit is advanced or overlapped with the electrical limit, the motor will be blocked in the fully closed or fully open position, and the motor will be in danger of heating or burning! *The shell design is unique, there is enough space to add various options and functions to save the cost of external configuration. *Four position indicator lights are installed in the position indicator on the top of the actuator. When the actuator runs to the fully open or fully closed position, the corresponding lights will light up, which is convenient for observation from a distance or in a dark place. *In order to protect the internal components of the actuator and prolong the service life of the actuator, the actuator is equipped with a heater to prevent condensation. *On the limit switches of the two end positions of the actuator, two additional dry contact limit switches are installed, which can be used as an auxiliary for users and can provide users with a set of dry contact signals. *In order to prevent damage to the actuator caused by overheating of the motor, an overheat protection is installed inside the actuator. *The worm gear transmission mechanism of the actuator can prevent the reverse rotation of the actuator or valve when the motor is braking.
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