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Five advantages of electric stainless steel ball valves to create high-quality valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-22
Electric valves have different requirements in many environments, so the electric valves produced on the market are divided into many different types. Electric stainless steel ball valve, as one of the types, has achieved the representative of high-quality electric valve with four advantages. Which five advantages do valve manufacturers have?   1, electric stainless steel ball valves have strong wear resistance. The primary advantage of stainless steel ball valves has the advantage of strong wear resistance. Because the valve core used inside is made of alloy steel spray welding, it has strong wear resistance, and the sealing ring is also made of alloy steel butt welding, so it will not cause serious wear when switching. . The high hardness coefficient contributes to its wear resistance.  2, the electric stainless steel ball valve is convenient to switch.  This kind of valve uses a spring sealing ring, which closely embraces the valve core so that it can exceed the preload of the spring when it is subjected to external forces, which can make the switch convenient and lightweight.  3. The electric stainless steel ball valve has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.    In order to reduce unnecessary maintenance costs and problems can be solved as soon as possible, the overall structure design of the ball valve is relatively simple, and the maintenance is also very convenient, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost.  4. Long life of electric stainless steel ball valve    The quality of the valve is the key to determining the life, and the particularity of the material used and the design of the structure make this valve have a longer life.  5. The electric stainless steel ball valve has a good sealing effect.    The sealing method adopted in this valve is to make the valve core and the sealing ring integrated after manual grinding, thus ensuring a better sealing performance.  The five advantages of electric stainless steel ball valve perfectly present a high-quality electric valve. This high-quality valve has high performance and safety, so it is worthy of trust and choice.
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