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Four commonly used flange gaskets for valves

by:Sino Valves     2021-03-11
Valves are indispensable equipment for pipeline applications in concentrators, and are used for throttling and interrupting in various pipelines. However, the flange connection of the valve is very important. It is related to the problem of whether the pipeline leaks or not. The flange connection depends on the flange gasket depending on whether or not the liquid leaks. At present, the commonly used flange gaskets for valves have the following forms, among which the gaps of the flanges are also different: 1. Spiral wound gaskets are used in the valve connection to make the flanges have no gaps, which may look outward. There is a gap, but there is no gap in reality. The sealing effect of the spiral wound gasket is achieved by controlling the compression of the gasket by the depth of the valve body stop. The compression of spiral wound gaskets is generally 0.8 to 1.2 mm. In the structural design of the compression gasket, the thickness of the spiral wound gasket is 0.8~1.2mm higher than the valve body stop depth. After the two planes of the flange are close together, the compression amount of the gasket is at this time. Within the specified range. Under working conditions, as the temperature changes, the specific pressure of the gasket at the gasket, which is reduced by the extension of the bolt, can be compensated by the resilience of the gasket to ensure that no leakage occurs at the gasket of the middle flange. The compression of the gasket can also be controlled by the tightening force of the bolt. The purpose is to ensure that the gasket has a sufficient sealing pressure without overloading, so as to ensure the resilience of the gasket. If the tightening force of the bolt is not controlled and the force is too large, the gasket will lose its resilience due to plastic deformation, and even damage the structure of the gasket. Using the method of controlling the bolt tightening force to control the amount of compression of the gasket, the spiral wound gasket can be given a greater degree of freedom in deformation in terms of structural design. The middle flange of this structure may have a gap. 2. Metal corrugated gaskets Metal corrugated gaskets are made of soft steel with a thickness of about 0.8mm by stamping or rolling on the gasket surface to form a corrugated shape. After the gasket is compressed, the middle flange is sealed by the deformation of the wave crest. Because the gasket is very thin, its thickness is only about 0.5mm after deformation, so there is no obvious gap in the flange, which is basically no gap. 3. Flexible graphite composite gasket The middle of the flexible graphite composite gasket is a 0.5mm thick carbon steel plate or stainless steel plate. The upper and lower sides of the steel plate are covered by a flexible graphite layer, with a total thickness of about 3mm. This gasket has a certain degree of resilience after compression, and will not cause damage to the gasket due to excessive pressing force, so there is a certain gap in the middle flange. 4. Rubber Asbestos Sheet Gasket Rubber asbestos sheet gasket is suitable for low pressure and water system working conditions. This kind of gasket has small deformation and poor resilience. If it is used under high temperature conditions, the bolts are stretched under the influence of temperature, and the gasket cannot compensate for the resulting gap by its resilience, but only increases the pressing force to keep the middle flange sealed. To use this gasket as a seal, the flange must have a gap. It is also because of the habit of using rubber asbestos sheet gaskets for many years that some users, regardless of the material and form of the flange gasket, require that the flange must have gaps. In fact, the valves used in the process pipelines of petrochemical enterprises no longer use rubber asbestos gaskets.
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